The Little Black Dress

Every female either has one or needs one; I’m on about the classy little black dress and this will help you know how to wear it or just inspire you from that night out you need to wear something to. The great thing about an LBD is that it is extremely versatile, and can therefore take on millions of different styles for the millions of personalities.


First think about how to create your look with your LBD.


For a conservative look, go for accessories that look clean and pretty, but not too bold. Pearls,Tights, small earrings, and tasteful necklaces or bracelets come to mind, as do shoes that are more conservative like black Patten leather heals or ballerinas. If you have diamonds, make them shine their best on the black background.
Make your LBD look classy.
For a classy look, go for a fun shoe that has a stiletto heel, and some bigger, bolder jewellery, like a statement necklace. This is a good look for cocktail parties or dinner
for a complete on point classy look try to get the shoes and jewellery to match in a way.
Put together a fun younger look with your LBD.
To let close, add a lot of color, like a metallic shoe, or some neon stockings; try to match the stocking cloud with your nail varnish and make up. This is a good look for younger women getting ready to attend a fun party or to make an appearance at a new club.
Jewellery can help convey many different moods and styles, and the LBD is the perfect canvas for all your jewellery. be careful because with such a canvas as the LBD the jewellery then shows a lot about your personality e.g whiter you confident or classy or just completely trashy! 
Sometimes earrings are all you need, so in this is the case, pick a big and bold pair. Dangly, Hoops, or Studs any of them can work can all work, as long as they make a statement; make it loud and clear try for some glittery or dominate so they shine and glitter in certain lighting. depending on the size of the earrings you could try to wear your hair up to make the earrings known.
A bold necklace adds instant glam factor to a LBD. If you want something more conservative, go for more classic colors like silver, black, or pearls. For something a little funer – if thats a word, pick a necklace with chunky stones and more colour.try to steer away from plastic as it may make the outfit look cheap. 


whether its for hight or comfort or style shoes can make or break an out fit make sure it makes it.

 Wear boots or booties with your LBD on cooler days.
A flat boot or a bootie will give more of a downtown ‘cool look’ to your LBD. Higher-heeled boots and ankle boots will add a little more polish,this can make it perfect for winter parties as we don’t really want our feet cold. But significant events like christmas you may want a heal no matter the weather.
wear your LBD with some flats.

Flats are always great for keeping an outfit casual yet sophisticated at the same time, not forgetting that it keeps our feet from feeling sore. Pick a flat with a little embellishment on it to add colour and if you want to look even better try t make all these add ons colour match like silver necklace eye shadow and embellishment on your shoe will tie the whole look together really well.


Pick some conservative heels to wear with your LBD.

A shoe with a lower heel (3” or below) in a neutral colour like a nude or black is great for keeping your look conservative but still polished. This is a great type of shoe to wear with a pearl necklace.


 Wear fun heels to liven up your LBD.
To really dress up your LBD, pick a stiletto heel in a fun colour or style. Experiment with heel shape and height, color, and embellishment; the half eaten wedges were really in last year maybe you could try it?

To help make this post possible i needed to brain storm and of corse some second opinion help from lots of other websites such as wiki how and other personal blogs.


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