The Beauty Of Ankle Socks



The Ankle sock is a sock that reaches just above or below the ankle depending on designers choice. I fell in love with the ankle sock because of its awkwardness and how cute they are. Did you ever give so much thought to how versatile they are?

Ankle socks remind me that I can look sporty but I can relax they are a bit like sweat pants but for feet.


They go with just about anything

From high fashion going out runway -to- side walk -to- time runway they do just the trick;


And when you have shoes that you are not sure whether you should wear socks or not because socks will make it look odd and no socks will make it look like you wet your self just throw on a pair of ankle socks they do just the trick.




They look so cute in dresses i think they ties it all up and it brings an outfit from night -to- (with out the socks it would look more like a night outfit) and adds in a whole realm of fun ! If you want to tell me that this dress does not look nice with the socks go on tell me in the comments !


3 and 4

They look fab with frills and tassels the combinations of types of socks are endless!

They finish off looks; for example these super cute black boots look so much better with those ankle socks they can change an outfit completely making this go from a bit on the plain said to “I’m so classy and i know it!”






Tell me why you love your ankle socks and what they mean to you in the comments 🙂



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