Monday High Street Shopping

So its monday and I thought to myself that there is no better way to make myself happy on a monday than to go shopping then I thought I could make my self even happier by going home and blogging about shopping on a monday so that is exactly what I did and what I am doing right now!


FirstI went to Starbucks with my sister to get hot chocolates,we both love our chocolate and of douse pile on the chocolate dust at the counter which in all fairness earns us looks from the barista but it didn’t stop us.

Once we finished our hot chocolates when the went shopping in numbers stores (pictures are from accessorize office and holster ) and saw the pastels that are in this SS14 and a lot of scarfs a LOT of scarfs so I’m guessing that’s trying to tell us something. Blue and white bags and Blue and white and green ocean coloured jewellery as also in centre view and I loved them all so very very VERY much most of the bags which I saw were backpacks which remind me that I broke my bag and need a new bigger on and this time pray I can fit all my books in without busting the zip open                                                         – oops!!!!

On our way into a shoe shop I saw heeled shoes but the heals were toys below you can see the toys were gnomes I think that’s either a dog or rabbit, I thought they were really cool and very new.                                                           – not my style though but very interesting!

AND that’s what was in my high street stores this monday, what i got up to this monday and a little peek at what we can expect to soon see people wearing out and about !


IMG_9190  IMG_9187  IMG_9184  IMG_9193  IMG_9189  IMG_9188  IMG_9185


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