Mr Nutcase Phone Case

So I got the pleasure to review mr nutcase, Mr Nutcase is a website that lets you design your own phone case using its easy guide. you have many templates to chose from or you can do what i did and make your own picture and use that. or you can add the text on yourself to make it how you want .I have an iphone, and the cost was £14.95 for the simple slimline case, and £19.95 for the flip up model and this includes post and packing.

They are super perfect for christmas and birthday presents as they are not that pricy and its perfectly them. It would also be great for businesses to get customised work cases for work phones and tablets. I’m defiantly getting another one! I’m in love with the result and standard of the printing.

Get your custom iphone case  and as you guys should know you my followers are important to me, so here’s a gift – 10% off a case from Mr Nutcase with discount code: “Thanku10” if you use it make sure to tweet me a picture of your case!

step by step for design your own

  • choose Manufacturer
  • choose your device
  • chose your case type
  • upload image
  • add text
  • add clipart
  • add background colour

Make sure to leave a comment and I promise a reply

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