What to do when you have nothing to do

With the holidays coming up you are more than likely going to find yourself staring at the wall feeling bored so i have created this guide to help with what you should do when you have nothing to do.




  • Make a brownie in a mug.

This is so easy fun and rewarding to do! Making a brownie in a mug takes about 5 minutes in total just throw the ingredients in a mug stir and put the microwave. I’ve done this at least 4/6 times before and they came out tasty every time.

  • Colour co-ordinate your wardrobe, book-case, nail varnishes and anything else with colour.

By doing this it can brighten up your area and help when it comes to finding things, I feel like it makes my wardrobe look so much neater and fresher. The time depends on how much you have to co-ordinate.

  • Rearrange your bedroom and throw away some old stuff you don’t need anymore.

Sometimes new is better, move your bed to a different angle, put it in the middle of your room, move the wardrobe from the left to the right, or just experiment and find a place where everything looks good  in your room! find parts of your room you never knew existed (depending on weight this can be a bit of a workout!)

  • Clear out some clothes.

Try on all of your clothes and look at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself 1-do you still like it, 2-would you still wear it 3-does it still fit. this can help make room and leave you with more space and get rid of that clutter and not to mention… a perfect excuse for shopping! -not like we need one anyway.

  • Make a guessing cake.

Okay so everything in this world was invented and made by a person and didn’t exist. Think a world with out nail varnish, but someone guessed and put paint on their nails and was like “hey, this looks cute!” So put random things in a mixing bowl and put it in the oven, but don’t follow an ingredients book or recipe don’t use method or use scales, just guess! I have done this 3 times before, my latest time I put rice crispys in a cake and they kind of disappeared but my first one was so tasty. This is fun and always surprising!!

  • DIY!!

Do I even need to say anything? but if you need some inspiration e.g turn some old jeans into a pair of shorts tie dye some old tops collage a small table ??


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