Make your own tinted moisturiser| DIY

This is a simple DIY trick to making your own tinted moisturiser! Using everything you already have at home or at the very bottom of your makeup bag!

2 parts face cream and 1 part foundation


  1. Use a moisturiser that works well and is good for your skin (something you are not illogic to!! ) and squirt into a bowl.
  2. Take YOUR (it needs to match your colour) foundation and squirt into the same bowl of moisturiser you already squirted out. Remember that when they are mixed the colour will be lighter than your original foundation, so you can use more foundation than moisturiser, or use a darker shade.
  3. Mix the two together until they are blended perfectly and evenly. Add any other types of cream for a more advanced outcome but make sure that you don’t use too many because there will be a chance of having a reaction
  4. Using whats in the bowl transfer into your desired packaging. Think about how you would like to use it if you want to use your hands to put it on use an old squeeze tube of moisturiser or if you want to use your fingers get a tub or if you want to rub it on use a fist up lip balm tube.


  • If you want to make it less shiny and more matte, add a small amount of powder to the mix. This will help the mixture to blend evenly. (make sure the powder isn’t glitterish because then your face will be shinning bright like a diamond #rhianna )
  • if you want it to help prodect you from sun rays, add a small amount of suncream to the mix. This will add production be sure to use a high spf suncream for the best protection.
  • If you want it to also tighten your skin, add any face cream that is used to tighten your skin anyway to the mix.


I used day face cream mixed with a little bit of coco butter, suncream spf 50, foundation, also vera cream and pore minimising tea tree cream. Once they were all mixed together i bought a cheap lip balm and emptied it out and filled it with the cream i had made then to set it i left it in the fridge for around 24 hours (you don’t have to put it in the fridge but it helps to set it better in a twist up tube of lip balm but if it was a pot of lip balm e.g Vaseline  i don’t think you would need to)



If you are using a face cream or hand cream if you don’t have face cream if it has a colour or sent it will transfer into the final product.


let me see your creations by tweeting the pictures to me @FAB_BLOGGER !!!


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