Whats In My Travel Makeup Bag


Hope everyone is having a great summer holiday! In the Beauty community there are tons of tags that many beauty gurus do. One of them is a “What’s in my Make Up Bag.” This tag is really fun. When I was younger I always loved looking into my mom’s makeup bag and putting on her makeup. And never getting it to look like hers, i failed the lipstick went on my eyelids and mascara in my eyebrows. Now I have my own and I’m a little bit better at it. So an extension to the tag is what is in my travel make up bag. I thought this would be great because I have recently gone to the fashion headquarters of the world “FRANCE”, and I know a lot you you guys will be packing for holidays or already on one!

Items in my bag are:

  • M.A.C select cover up.
  • Chanel Mascara “inimitable intense” No.10
  • Chanel Lip Balm
  • M.A.C Brush No.242
  • Chanel Lip stick “Rouge Allure” No.145
  • Eye Lash Curler
  • Biguine makeup corrector pen with reversible tip
  • Simple kind to eyes, eye make up remover
  • Benefit “They’re real!” waterproof push up liner

Now it’s your turn. Show me what’s in YOUR makeup bag. You can take a picture on INSTAGRAM and hashtag it #travel makeup OR TWEET it to me @FAB_BLOGGER

Have a great holiday ❤




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