A Day At The Docks

Today me and my sister Mica went to the Albert dock in Liverpool and had a really nice (Much needed) sisterly bond session, which we both love!

It was bright and cold but we were well covered up! We went to the big wheel then costa then we just walked along the river mersey drinking and chatting. Afterwards we then went to the Liverpool Tate which is an art museum and I love art! My sister on the other hand, not so much so we didn’t really spend any time there. All in all we had  a great day and would love to encourage all of you-my lovely readers to do the same. Go out with the sister or brother no matter how much they annoy you! you’ll have such a good day.





Me and my sister have different preferences over which coffee shop is the best, for me personally I love Starbucks but she is in love with costa! (MINE-left-Green Tea. MICAS-right-Lemon Ice Tea.)






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