16th Birthday Party

OKAY OKAY IT TIME!!!! I’m sorry for the amount of time it took me to post this but I have GREAT reasons ! (just let me think of a few first!) ANYWAY

My 16th Birthday Party Blog Post !

The video I promised ya’ll is up on my YouTube page so make sure you check that one out! CLICK HERE and make sure to SUBSCRIBE !

It was an amazing night (with amazing music shout out to my sister and DJ) and I’m so thankful for everyone who came you all really made my night special! My party had a dress code (of course) of black and white! The venue was my house there was dancing a Photo Booth sweetie table chocolate fountains balloons and everything else a girl could ask for! I curled my hair (which was pointless as it dropped out and ended up looking like I forgot to brush it…) I got my makeup done by a really nice lady who owns a really nice beauty shop called perfection she did my face and my individual eyelashes which I was in LOVE with I honestly couldn’t stop touching them they were fab! I’d defiantly get them again! My nails were black and sparkly using fern cottons nail varnish then adding some more sparkle on top!

Styling Miss Daisy is also doing a blog post on my party so make sure to CLICK HERE to view it! (Its not up yet but she said it would be up soon)


Because pictures speak louder than words


Black and White balloons for a Black and White party


My Birthday Cake



Blowing Out My Candles


PhotoBooth Fun with Emma


PhotoBooth Fun Emma, Joely and Me


PhotoBooth Fun Emma, Joely, Me and Candi


PhotoBooth Fun Emma, Joely and Me


PhotoBooth Fun Emma, Joely, Me and Candi


When my night was coming to the end. featuring Emma in the background


Me and Lydia


I think this is my picture of the night!


Me and My Sister, Mica


At the end of the night Lily, Me, Sophie and Ella


Crazy Party Picture I LOVE it From top row to bottom, Millie, Kate, Rebecca, Sophie Ellen, Bronwen, Carys and Mica


What a candid! Ellen, Mica, Bronwen, Carys, Maisie, Me and Millie


Me and Amina


Me and Abi


Me and Hannah A.K.A Stylin Miss Daisy

I am in a very important year for my studies with my mocks RIGHT NOW and my GCSE’S round the corner I how you understand why I’m not updating as much as I know you would like me too and as much as I would like to! Things will take time but sometimes its worth the wait -Myah Rebecca



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