Cures For The Sick


Its December 12 and I’m sick! Its only 12 days into winter and I’m SICK (with some great help from my friends)

When I’m sick, which isn’t very often I make sure to help my body get better with an extra push. Heres a few things I do:

  • Warm honey and water:

I hate honey so make sure to drink it quickly while its hot because cold honey and water does NOT taste nice!!

  • Cut open an Onion

So basically the onion is a huge bacteria magnet and draws it all to it that’s

  • Make yourself a throne of duets and cushions

I do this to keep warm and look like a queen whilst doing it! You must try to keep warm!

  • Hot Chocolate!

hot chocolate, and other hot/warm drinks. It’s another way to keep yourself warm. Make sure to stay hydrated, flush out all the badness in your system with as much water as you can . You must keep your fluids up! Vitamin C e.g orange will help your immune system kick in as well. Unfortunately for me when I drink orange juice it feels like someones drawing nails down my throat so I stick to the vitamin tablets.

  • Think Happy Thoughts

‘Stay positive. Think positive! Don’t just sit there and think that you’re so sick and all that. Say that you will feel better sooner or later! Being negative will only make your experience of being sick that much worse.’-wikihow



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