New Years Eve | NYE

Today is the LAST day of 2014! I have put together some NYE must haves and inspired nails and make up to help you with whatever you’ll be doing tonight!

This is mainly used as an eye shadow but can be applied anywhere. I found out about this amazing product when I went to the clothes show live on the 9th December! I got too small pots one with brown and the other purple.

“Features eight mix-and match shades in soft matte, sparkle and metallic finishes” -Bobbi Brown. This palette is really good i totally recommend this! As it allows you to alternate between a sparkle smokey eye and the original smokey eye! The smokey eye look is effective and goes with almost anything! Remember its ALL about the blending! (And if all goes wrong just remember its going to be dark don’t sweat it! Just don’t forget the flash on the cameras)

Can you sense a theme hoping up here? SPARKLE GLITTER AND ANYTHING THAT SHIMMERS!! Don’t go over board and look like a walking firework, try to walk alongside the sparklers and lanterns

With a lot going on up top it might be wise to tone it down, to a lip gloss, lip balm or even a nude! But you have got to be careful with buying nudes as nude has lots of different nude shades so to get your perfect nude shade that matches and works well with your skin tone I’ve linked the bullet point to elle for the best nude shades for every EVERY skin type. (I’m laughing inside at the amount of times I’ve mentioned the word nude, lol. btw this look is only really acceptable on the lips so keep your clothes on!)  

Good luck in the new year, and may it be your best yet!


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