Glowing skin is not only for the Hollywood stars

The Golden Globe is always interesting to watch and this time, just like any other time, it was full of amazing, awesome and glamorous dresses and stunning appearances of the stars. For me, the red carpet part of the Golden Globe Awards is one of the most interesting parts of the entire show and it makes me stare at that screen. This year, it was an absolute pleasure to see the stars like Jessica Chastain in Atelier Versace and Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad’s dress, who was voted ‘The Best Dressed’ on the Fashion Police show.

image-2 image

My personal “Best Dressed” Jessica Chastain and public’s choice Jennifer Lopez on the Golden Globes

However, a big part of their radiant beauty comes from their fabulously wonderful skin and tan. And that is what always sweeps me off my feet. That tan is the result of very careful and constant care, however, unlike all that glamour and attention from the media, it is not unobtainable by an average girl. You can get it as well and here are some tips on how to do it.


I could go on and on about how important it is to drink enough water during the day. I know it is everywhere and that everybody says so, but I always have the need to say that one more time. Water is what makes your skin hydrated and if you don’t drink enough water you will make the following happen:

● scenario A – your already irritated sebaceous glands start going nuts as the lack of hydration doesn’t prevent them from getting infected;

● scenario B – your already dry skin is getting all flaky and scaly.

There are tons of such cool water bottles to carry around with you and sip them from time to time until you had your obligatory 8 glasses a day.


Junk food, chocolate, sweets and other things will not only make layers on your thighs and your hips, they will also ruin your tan and make it dull and horrible. All those blackheads and zits and acne are the consequence of bad food choices. Lovely and glowing and elastic skin is the skin that gets enough vitamins and nutrients. Think olives, almonds, fibers and vitamins that are usually in those green and leafy vegetables. Make sure that you have at least one portion of raw vegetables a day or at least one serving of fresh fruit. It is what makes the skin radiant and glowing and just wonderful even without the makeup.


Besides all the good things that you get in your body, you need to get rid of all the toxins as well. In order to do that, you need to do it in the best and the most natural way – sweat it out! Exercise and fitness are a big part of the general health of your body and your skin reflects everything that is wrong with you in this way. Therefore, if you keep healthy it will definitely show and your skin will be bursting with beauty.


Never, never and never go to bed without removing your makeup. Make sure that you know your skin type. I made a mess of my skin one time because I didn’t use the cosmetics that is for my skin type. It took a lot of attempts with thalgo products to get things right. I found that those marine cosmetic products work the best for me. You have to figure out yours and do all that cleaning, moisturizing and frequent exfoliating.

All that differs you and the Hollywood stars is the team that they have that takes care about their way of life, diet and cosmetics. Perhaps you don’t have the team but you have the determination and the know-how. The results will be the same when it comes to glowing skin.

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