Pink is The New Shade of The Season

Summer is long gone and with it all our favourite shades of bright orange, neon, green, and red. Ever since winter knocked the door over and started ruling, we had to change our references and dim the brightness of our wardrobe. Sad is the world in which the summer is not a year-long season, but since that cannot be the case, we have to work with what we have. Halloween and New Year’s Eve are the main occasions where we can go wild with our makeup, wardrobe, and accessories and put on some bright shades and insane outfits. But then what? Must we wait for spring to come in order to wear primary colour again? Luckily, that is not the case.


No matter if you are about to head for your office, afternoon coffee with your friend or you are planning a party night with your girlfriends, pink makeup is bound to look good on you and make you look good too. Soft shades will make brown eyes more prominent and hot pink and black will definitely make you noticed at the club. Depending on the colour and shape of your eyes, choose the shades which are soft, dusty, muted or hot. The same goes with your lipstick, try to match it with your skin tone. Peachy pink lipstick for pale skin, watermelon and deep pink for medium skin tones, and for those of you who have darker skin, lighter, purple-toned shades will look great.



Every girl’s dream – the great land of accessories. You can really do wild when it comes to accessories, but we recommend you have a few shades of pink ready, just in case you notice something is just too bright or too pale before you leave your home. Big, chunky necklaces, fashionable shoes, and pretty purses are a must-have in your wardrobe.

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You can also add a few scarves, a lace shirt, and perhaps a lovely pink umbrella to your collection. Remember not to overdo it, though; if you really, really want to wear your pink shoes, pink jewellery, pink scarf and pink makeup, we suggest you wear black dress to even things out. You don’t want to look tacky, do you?


One of the most loved holidays is knocking on our door, ladies, and you can never be too-prepared for a romantic night out. We’re talking about Valentine’s day, of course; the perfect beginning of the pink season. No matter if you’re looking for a vintage dress with lace and a full skirt for a romantic dinner, or you need a few party dresses in your closet for the upcoming parties, make sure you choose pink.

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Fortunately, good people of fashion industry decided to give us joy in this dull, cold, gray weather, and spice things up with a touch of pink. You can start wearing it right away and keep adding new pieces with every season. Trademark of all girly-girls has always been pink, so this year be prepared to look more feminine than ever.

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