Whats The Fashion Like? | Collab Post With Claire

Hello! Today’s post I’ve been very excited about, it’s a collab post with Claire, Palm trees and taxis. She lives in America, Maryland  close to the big D.C, she describes where she lives as the suburban country and her wardrobe is referred to as the disorganised treasure chest. Claire has a very original style, Claire doesn’t really look towards fashion icons for style inspiration. (Trust me from her Instagram she doesn’t need to) she upholds the motto “simple is elegant.”

Whats The Weather Fashion Like?
We both thought a fitting collab post would to write about the trends in our local areas, Maryland and Liverpool, America and England. We found the trends were very similar but the foot wear differed a little, the make up differed a lot!
  • Fashion wise: big khaki parkas with faux fur on the hood is definitely the way to go. As for the shoes, the people in Maryland typically are really into Doc Martens and combat boots (I’m thinking this May be due to the weather and terrain). The style Claire told me you would see “everyyywherreeee” is black leggings, a chunky sweater, or a casual comfy tee and a flannel or cardigan with it. (Sounds so tumblr, I think I would fit in nicely as I own about 1234875 pairs of leggings). -roughly… It’s funny because I can NEVER find any.
  • Make up wise:the Maryland girls like to keep it light and natural  basically a really clean look. So they will have light foundation or bb cream to even skin tone, some light blush, light or nude colored eyeshadow, and clean liquid eyeliner (usually with the winged tip style) and then thick bold black eyelashes. With just Chapstick. Some girls are bold with lipstick, like Claire. This is a complete polar opposite to what you’d see in my neck of the woods across the pond, from Claire.
Claire was/is amazing to work with. She was very easy to talk to and approach, we even ended up saying how we would have to have the total tourist and local experience, by Claire coming to visit England and experiencing it, and vise versa! I look forward to hopefully working with her again!
She is stunning and an all round lovely character, She writes as if its breathing, it come so naturally to her.
image1 image3
Go check Claire’s links out!

Whats the weather fashion like by you?

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