Layering Your Clothes

Here are the basics to layering

Your bottom layer should be as clean and close to the body as possible. (I used a sparkly dress which made it look like a skirt) If you are mixing different length tops together remember the longer ones on under the short ones, so every layer can be seen (I used a shirt from the mens section in Primark and a slightly cropped fluffy jumper) Shirts and jumpers are an easy go top as they can look smart casual and fun (That was my main look for work experience)

Keep things in the same colour scheme, (my colours here where cremes and light colours) So maybe wear a lot of black and gray together. Or if you are doing browns wear a camel with a darker chocolate-brown. That is an easy way to look neutral and streamlined without looking bulky. If you are going to stay in the monochromatic look, mix in different textures. If you want to wear all black, denim jeans, knitted black jumper cotton shirt. Another way is to bring colour in via one element. If you are wearing all black, wear some bright red shoes. Or carry wear all black and have a white shirt to accent the black, or bright coloured nails. (It is very eye-catching, and stands out. It is an easy way to make something feel different, especially when you are wearing the same old clothes all the time.) 

Border of your layers with a big long coat, this gives a straight finish and helps bring the whole outfit together, like a border. You can also wear a smaller jacket like the one I wore below, (but I think we can all agree that the long black coat looks nicer, what do you think?)

Myah Rebecca’s check list to layering

-Bottom layer close-fitting

-Long tops under short tops 

-Shirts with jumpers an easy go to

-Jumpers and cardigans never together

-Border with a big coat holding it all in

-Colour scheme

What I used,
A sparkly dress from Topshop £40
A white shirt from Primark £20
A fluffy jumper from Select
A brown leather jacket Oasis
A black coat from Ted Baker

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