• At first the thought may be frightening, don’t worry it’s okay, go ahead scream.
The easy option, black tights and your sorted right? Think again!

Ok ok I’m not saying you CAN’T wear black tights because you totally can, (my little example below of black tights) they even help make your legs look longer and slimmer especially when paired with black open toe high heels (can you see the difference between the light brown coloured shoes and the black shoes). But you can add a pop of colour! Use bold bright tights mix and match GO CrAzY! (which is something I don’t really do, due to the lack of coloured tights below).

Not liking the tight scene? Wanting to bear it all, follow my example of a bold glittery colour I chose a light sparkly grey (from Barry M). Or maybe you don’t want to bring too much attention to your toes, paint them toes like nude colours nothing that’ll sand out too much.

Think your toe nails look too small? Easy and effective option fake nails, even easier option paint black or any other dark elongating colour.
Before painting, a nice well needed (even) file will go a long way I’m the grand scheme of things.
Please ignore my attempt at a white background… (yes, yes I blue tacked paper to my bedroom wall and floor)

IMG_6601IMG_6606 IMG_6612IMG_6607   IMG_6633IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6637   Black shoes: Miss Selfridge £20 Light brown shoes: No Doubt £20

I don’t like my toes or my legs but I did it for the blog post… (do it for the vine!)


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