Brown | World Wide Rainbow


(Everyone isn’t in the above picture, but click it and it will take you to the hashtag!)

I chose this colour because aside from blue and grey, its my favourite colour. Its also the colour of my bathroom! I knew I had shoes in this colour and felt that I was fairly confident about this blog post. The tricky part of this was that I had to try and not look like a walking crayola crayon!

I put 4 outfits together using the same pieces in some outfits, the brown top which was in all outfits but one. I used others colours like black and white as they are very neutral colours and classed as a shade. The brown was what I wanted to pop so using black and white I think I successfully held the focal point to the brown colour.

Here is my main outfit:

DSCF0455 DSCF0464 DSCF0479 Untitled

Brown leather jacket, brown top, black shorts with brown zips black converse, rose gold watch and white leather bag.

Outfit 2:

DSCF0397DSCF0399 (1)DSCF0403DSCF0396

This is a more simple look between the four, please ignore the random piece of white which is on my leg i have no idea what it is, lets just blame my sister as she took all these photos… ahaha

(Brown top, black jeans, rose gold watch and black healed boots)

Outfit 3:

DSCF0410 DSCF0413 DSCF0419 DSCF0428

This look is more sporty and summery, the white makes this more light and the shoes are the sort of footwear i would wear to a park in the summer with friends

(Brown top, white shorts with gold zip, rose gold watch and black converse)

Outfit 4:


This look is more wintery and casual, the white makes this brighter so its not too dark.

(leather jacket, white top, black jeans and black healed boots)


Retro Orange – Maddie

Royal Blue – Claire

Pastel Pink – Charlotte Price

Black – Holly

White and Grey – Katie

White – Lily Rose

Monochrome – Yasmin

Pastel Blue – Frances

Lime Green – Annabel

Army Green – Hima

Purple and Grey – Amy

Pink – Abi


Charlotte and I wanted to do a collab post (in-between our endless exams), we came up with one where we create an outfit based/inspired/made from on one colour each but then we both decided it would be way cooler to get more bloggers involved and it could somehow become a rainbow of fashion bloggers. So I search high and low on Twitter and Instagram for bloggers under the hashtag #teenbloggers #fashionbloggers and #fbloggers I surprising found lots of lovely friendly bloggers! (and a few who still haven’t got back to me, its a bit late now though!)

You might notice Claire and Lily from previous blog collab posts, I emailed them straight away and they were both very happy and excited to take part! This blog collab has been a great way for me and all the others to meet new bloggers and make connections. The blogging world is so much bigger than we know or can imagine we have to do a bit of searching though. This idea reminds me of a set of stories I used to read about fairies called rainbow magic, I don’t know if anyone remembers them (please note this is back when I was in primary school, although id happily read them now!)

I had a lot of fun making this post and meeting new bloggers, I hope to do this again with more bloggers. Make sure to check all the other fantastic bloggers out!


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