Street Style You Haven’t Tried… Yet!

As we already stepped into the summer, which always ends up earlier than we want, it wouldn’t be bad to open our wardrobes and see whether we’re ready to be equally trendy this fall. Bearing in mind that fashion designers recently released pieces which offer a brand new view on so precious street style, there’s no doubt that adorable laid-back spirit will remain within our collections even this season.
Street style
Nonchalant look, sophisticated simplicity and unique extravagancy are featuring upcoming street wear trends, but even if you think your closet is equipped enough to satisfy all the above mentioned, as soon as you see what will be hot in fall months, you’ll realize there’s more to try. So, this is a chance to discover unseen side of street style and welcome fall with extraordinary urban chic:

Wrapped in tights

In spite of typical rainy days which we don’t like so much during the fall, there’s no reason not to show off our legs, especially now when runaways proudly represented amazingly crafted tights, which embrace everything from animal motifs and decadent lace to bold patterns and punk-glam design.
Printed tights
It’s time to put aside your classic choices and enter the streets wearing your favourite skirt and gorgeous netted tights or the ones which include combination of black and red geometric shapes.

All of you girls who ”just wanna have fun”, don’t miss an opportunity to shine with great zebra tights, but in case you prefer seductive feminine look, magnificently embroidered black pieces as well as ripped tights are absolutely unavoidable.

 Skirts with high cuts

Street wear trends prepared for upcoming fall months particularly touched skirts, which are now enriched with greatly interesting design based on plenty of highly cut pleats and effective patterns. Your wardrobe probably doesn’t contain anything similar, which is why your urban look must include some of those fluttering pieces.
Skirts with high cuts
Fashion companies, especially Dior, refreshed their runaways by presenting wonderful skirts with high cut pleats which are made of various materials, such as fine wool textile, satin and light cotton, what makes them suitable to wear with casual shirts, sweaters or even furry waistcoats. So, if you’re a skirts girl, it’s time to abandon classics and switch to those authentic fall pieces.

Denim sophistication

If you thought this season will pass without precious denim, you’re wrong, but yes, it will appear in completely new, astonishing and extravagant variations. From Moschino’s denim halter dresses with baggy pockets and variously branded blue women’s jeans accentuated with zippers, printed patchwork and crystals, new denim trends abound with things you’ve never worn on the street.
Denim street style
This fall is a unique chance to dress from head to toe into retro denim dresses, waisted denim jackets permeated with fur and feather or to show your bohemian spirit by wearing ultra urban denim coats.

Grey suit(s) you

This fall will definitely be the great celebration of street women’s suits, especially those coloured in every possible gray nuance. Inspired by everywhere present movie or not, anyway, fashion designers put smiles on faces of every lady who likes to add a dose of formality and elegance to her street look.
Gray Suits
Even if you have never thought about wearing a suit on the street, except when going to work, you’ll fall in love with light and stone gray suits, which combine skirts, pants and stylish blazers, especially because they merge casual and elegant design. Apart from classy whole coloured combinations, you’ll be able to choose those which include stripes, vintage collars as well as greatly waisted blazers.

Regardless if you’re passionate follower of every fashion innovation or you simple like to be noticed, this season’s trends are revealing some of the most thrilling and creative combinations without which your street wear collection simply wouldn’t be complete.


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