Walking The Biggest Catwalk In The World-ish

Yes, that’s right! I totally walked on the biggest catwalk in the world- well not quite.  My beautiful magnificent city I live in decided to attempt to break the world record for most amount of models on a catwalk. Me and my friend Emma decided to join in! And WE DID IT! We broke the record. Check the hashtag #verybigcatwalk for more pictures.

At 10:40 we arrived, 20 minutes early to get our hair and makeup done as well as getting dressed. We met a lovely girl called Esbea she was lovely and genuine her dad was so nice too, and I hope everything goes well for her in the future. It was so surreal being able to watch everyone get their makeup done models rushing round make up artist rushing round, I was seeing things I only saw on TV or a YouTube special of a major fashion show. It was CRAZY- but I loved it!

Then at 2:30 when a couple hundred models in my group all walked down to the Cunard building to practice and prep. The building is right along the dock side with a crazy view of the catwalk, seeing that sent the calm butterflies in my stomach hyper.

At 4 we left the building and headed backstage. I was in the 14th group that went on. When I was behind the stage the atmosphere was amazing with a buzz of energy. My nerves kicked in as soon as I went up the steps. Mainly because I’m awful at walking in heals and didn’t want to fall over in front of EVERYONE.

My Outfit:

The outfit I wore was apart of the collection ‘Future Of Fashion’ FOF- I totally made that up no one called it FOF.  The dress was a super cool digital print of the liver building (a very significant building to my city.) in black white and blue. I loved it. I am quite tall so it was very short I wore tights for the protection of my modesty and so I didn’t scar the front row.  
And finally the most important part, the photos!!! I have made a video which will go up on my YouTube channel, make sure you give it a like and share making sure to subscribe if you haven’t already! So you never miss any videos of my EXCITING (ish) life.  Ahaha.

And now the walk, my several seconds of fame. (most of the following photos are quite fuzzy, but thank you to my mum for taking them, and Esbea’s dad for taking some too!)
After the catwalk, we made our way back to the Cunard building to get dressed and to hand the outfits back over.

And last but not least I want to say a HUGE thank you to very.co.uk for this amazing opportunity!

Final thoughts: ‘I’d SO totally do this again!’ 

Where you there or would you do this? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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