Look Better in Selfies, Look Better in Life

The selfie era has taken such a spin on our lives that even your Gran is probably posing in front of the mirror as we speak, trying to get it right. Well, maybe not such a big spin, but it’s definitely an unimaginably huge part of lives. Being gorgeous and young, you are a part of the selfie craze, I bet!

celebrity selfies

Truth is, this newly popular trend is frowned upon by psychologists who claim that this unhealthy obsession with ourselves is promoting self-centeredness and causing body insecurities. As psychologists say the selfie trend is all wrong because it stopped being about creating memories with friends or alone long time ago and turned into a voluntarily applauded trend of exposing our individuality through photos that are out there for the virtual audience to judge.

“It seems everyone’s decided it’s okay to be the target of someone’s opinion and the worst part is, you are doing it voluntarily”, says Jenna McPope from Psychologist Association. “I get it – for the young, it may all be about making a point ‘this is who I am, I love it, deal with it’ and when that’s the case, it’s amazing. Positive comments will only boost the person’s confidence even more and lead to great affirmation of self-worth which is, at this point, exterior. However, if the comments are negative, this may affect a person in a bad way, leading her to low-self-esteem and a twisted image of herself. In the long run, this is really unhealthy.”

celebrity selfies

We’ve heard it, we’ve remembered it but now – let us take a selfie!

While this trend may be criticized by the experts, for most of us is just about having fun and, honestly, bragging a bit about how cute we look that day. Somehow, knowing you’ll be taking a selfie with your friends later in the day will make you take some extra care about how you’ll leave the house. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Looking good means feeling good, and we love feeling good! Unfortunately, life isn’t just about inner beauty, but the outer as well. Not everyone is blessed with impeccable face and body Wink Models features, but at least we can try and work with what we’ve got!

celebrity selfies

Caring for your image tells the world – I am successful, smart, ambitious AND I manage to look like THIS! There’s nothing I can’t do!

You go, girl!

The selfies you take aren’t just there for the moment. You’ll find them in a year hidden somewhere in your phone or a computer folder and you’ll immediately go back in time, reminding yourself how much you’ve changed since that pic was taken! And, that selfie may serve as an excellent motivational photo for how you want to look now or it can be a reminder of who you don’t want to be.

After all, we constantly change, grow, mentally shift from one place in life to another and that carelessly taken selfie can at the same time be a life reminder and a casual fun life moment.

The important thing though is not to get caught in the spiral of likes and comments you’ll be getting from someone on Facebook or Instagram. Good comments will always agree with your ego, but don’t let the ego boost moment of the selfie (or a negative comment!) ruin all the fun! Take that selfie to show the world how gorgeous not how insecure you are and – enjoy the ride! Always know who you are, no matter what the comments say!

nika selfie


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