PROM | 2015

PROM! Theres no way you haven’t heard of it, even though it may be an american thing; it sure has captured the hearts of millions of British teens. Heres my prom, in a brief text post and a few photos.

On the 19th June, I attended my very first prom. The build up was stressful, fantastic and exciting, from search for the perfect dress in multiple cities, to finding the ONE, then to getting my nails, hair, make up and finally to the “pre photoshoot” with one of my best friends Lydia.

Once we headed off to the venue for even more photos, dancing, food, drinks and memories. Prom was amazing and I am so grateful to everyone who made it possible. Also want to give a huge thanks to my mum and dad for paying for all my prom necessities. -otherwise I’m sure I would of gone naked!



^ Lydia and I ^


^ Lydia and I ^


^With Hannah, A.K.A styling miss daisy a fellow blogger^



  • Dress~ Pia Michi
  • Bag~ Karen Millen
  • Hair gems~ Claires
  • Hair, Makeup and Nails~ YSM
  • Shoes~ River Island
  • Flowers~ Annetta of Woolton

As the hunt for my dress was so stressful, should I make a post about how to find a dress, or what it was like for me? Let me know 🙂

How was your prom? -if you had one…


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