Hello Autumn Fitness: Getting Back in Shape After Summer Vacation!  | Peter Minkoff

For anyone who has been working hard all throughout the year, summer vacation is that perfect part of the year. The time of year when you can just let your hair down and relax, with no worries in the world! Believe me, I know!Unfortunately, if you are one of those people (like I am) who are mindful of what they eat and how much they exercise during the year, I’ve got some bad news for you – the summer vacation you planned on isn’t reality; eating all the gorgeous foods there are ,and not worrying about the physical aspect of your body maintenance, simply can’t happen. Use the vacation as a resort for your soul and mind, not the body. Because, once you gain those extra pounds, you’ll wish you’d never taken that vacation in the first place (and such thinking is a no-no!

As someone who has been struggling with weight gain/ loss for almost my entire life, I finally got it all together. I’ve decided that I wanted to share my wisdom with all of you who are in the same predicament as me – people who love to eat, that gain weight easily, who are constantly on a restricted diet, and who work out a lot. Being aware that living a life in moderation, without letting your food obsession get to you, is key.

So, what routine to adopt while on vacation?

If I know how you and I think , then you’ll want to indulge all the greasy Mexican/Greek/Italian/Wherever-you-are-going food. You’re not thinking about the calorie intake for the day, week, or the vacation. I mean, who could possibly say no to frittatas, pizzas, giroses and other super tasty food?! BUT, you need to know that if you’ve been diligently working out and watching your diet back home, any unusual behavior will set the red alarms off in your body. This means you’ll be gaining more weight than you normally would. If you are not mindful of what you eat on vacation, expect to gain as much as 2-3 pounds per week! My advice is to try foods of the country you are staying at, but not eat it every day of your vacation. Once or twice is enough for your body to process the “minor change” you’ll surprise it with. Other days, eat easy food like salads, fruits, and refreshing cold citrus drinks.

Also, go for a morning jog! While everyone is still asleep, put your sneeks on and get going! You may even run on the warm sand with no shoes on – it will do wonders for cellulite reduction and tightening the thigh muscles! You know the flabby inside part of your thighs? Yep, it will be gone with this exercise!

I personally love working out; it makes me happy, gives me an energy boost, and the outcome is even better; a great body! it’s making me happy, it’s giving me the energy boost and the aftermath of working out is, well, a great body! I always have my post workout drink from kill cliff with me as it gives me that extra bit of energy I need, and helps me stay fresh and upbeat! There is nothing like finishing a run, having a cold drink in my hand, and walking by the sea.

My point is – no matter where you are on vacation, don’t drop the routine you’ve been cultivating back home. You’ll end up in a real pickle with no reason! Watch for your health and body as nobody else will!

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