Himalayan Inspired Print Mash-Ups

Ethno motifs, dynamic patterns and combinations of bright colors are some of the most outstanding moments of this year’s trends for hot days. These fashion motifs will delight women who like intense colors and very expressive style inspired by folk aesthetics from around the world.
himalayan prints
Print is actually like the icing on the cake or toppings on your salad; it gives that special touch to every style. This year bohemian fashion is back, with a lot of Indian and Himalayan ethnic prints and designs.

Bohemian style

Bohemian outfits reflect the simplicity, casualness and originality. This style dominated the fashion scene of the 60s and 70s of the last century, and this year, the catwalk showed that it was very inspiring for designers. Boho style clothing is designed for women who prefer a relaxed way of life and dress, but a bit of extravagance as well.

It represents the combination of ethno, rock and gypsy details, which are combined imaginatively to create a striking look. This style is characterized by layered and comfortable combinations, made of different materials.


What to wear

Wide bohemian coats can be combined with black leather pants, and denim skirts, tunics or casual shirts. Flowy layered pattern dresses worn with boots, a jacket or thick sweater with buttons look really chic. Boho style is also known for the long plain or patterned skirts that are great with tight jackets, t-shirts or simple corsets, and this combination can also be paired with a leather coat.

Many different boho looks can be created with a retro waistcoat and flat-cut pants, but also thick tunics that can be worn under the masculine style jackets, with wide, prominent shoulders.

Accessories all over

The details are unavoidable and the rule of boho style is – the more the better. That means you can combine some striking jewelry and big scarf, hat, belt or even colourful Indian sarees.

indian sarees

Details are very important

For years, the fashion hit have been tunics featuring Indian motifs. This year, it seems that the choice has never been greater. The beautiful ornaments found their place on blouses and tunics in bright colors, from turquoise to yellow, red to pink and orange. For those who do not like to stand out, there are unobtrusive white and black tunics. They are mostly made of fine materials, such as silk and chiffon, and act as an excellent choice for an evening out. For work, the beach or walking around town, there are models made of cotton that are more comfortable.

Mix of Indian and Himalayan motifs

Hip length tunics are very fashionable, as well as those that reach to the knee. Sleeve length also varies, from traditional long to custom short. They best go with pants, leggings and shorts, and to imitate the style of Indian women to the very end, combine them with gold necklaces and thick silver earrings. Still, even though Indian inspired clothing is very big this year, Indian ethnic prints and patterns are not the only one that can be seen.


They are actually often mixed with traditional Himalayan prints that are made more modern by tie-dying so that the burst of colors appear like aquarelle dripping over the material. For a more edgy look, Himalayan print mashups are definitely the right choice for confident women who like attention.

Designers often look for inspiration in boho style, and many international stars love it. Although it takes a bit of courage, if you decide to be different, you will certainly be noticed and trendy this year.


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