Autumn Style: The Casual Chunky Knitwear Look | Lana Hawkins

Even if you don’t like cold weather, you have to love the coziness and warmth that fall fashion items bring. Fall season is that time of the year when you can relax and forgive yourself for not being dressed up all day, every day. Chunky knitwear made a huge fashion comeback this fall, so here are some ideas how you can wear them in the most fashionable way.  
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Play with proportions 

A general rule of thumb is to divide your body in thirds for a better visual appeal. However, fall fashion is great because you can layer up and mix long, short, and everything in between. All girls are afraid that chunky clothes will make them look chunky. Of course, it is easier to pull it off if your body shape is on the slim side, but you can always cheat. Wear a sweater that is chunky where you lack chunkiness – such as your arms, for example.


Chunky and slim 

The rule of volume says that the slouchier the sweater, the skinnier the jeans. Wearing a chunky knit with skinny jeans is always a good idea, especially for an easy-going afternoon. But, if you want to make a statement, pair them with some killer heels. Try it on with leather leggings, or a structured leather skirt for a tougher look. If you are brave enough, show some skin and match your oversized sweater with shorts. If you are going for a more casual look, your favorite boyfriend jeans will work just fine.

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Don’t be afraid to be cheap

As with any classic piece of garment, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look trendy. Unlike fads, they can be found in almost any store at a reasonable price. Actually, by rummaging through your mom’s or grandma’s wardrobe, you can probably find a few chunky sweaters that would do the job without costing you any money.


Be creative

Knitting has become a fashion statement that is one of a kind. Every passionate fashionista has a DIY piece in her wardrobe. Chunky knits allow you to be playful, experiment with colors, and different shapes. You should choose the thickest yarn and start working your needles. Although knitting a sweater takes a lot of time, chunky knits are not just a fad, they are classics; you will be able to wear them for many more seasons to come.

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Let your collar peep out

This is the season for breaking any old fashion rules. Wear a loose crew-neck sweater over a thin white shirt and pop up the collar, or pair it with a turtleneck blouse. You can also throw it over a contrasting polo neck super-slim dress. Add a sparkling statement necklace or a hat to any of these combinations for a nicer occasion.


Dress it down

Comfortable is chic this season. If you are one of those girls who likes to roll out of bed, and look natural, and a bit messy the whole day, this fall you can be yourself AND be considered fashionable. Dress as simply as possible, and do not try to overdress a chunky sweater. Instead, be more casual with pants and shoes. Don’t shy away from tennis shoes and trainers.


As you can see, chunky knitwear is back in season with several versions to fit every look, shape and occasion. So, what is your favorite fall fashion staple?


Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture and a crafty girl from Sydney, Australia. She loves writing about home décor and landscaping. In her free time, Lana enjoys knitting and cooking for her friends and family. Follow Lana on Facebook.


One thought on “Autumn Style: The Casual Chunky Knitwear Look | Lana Hawkins

  1. Autumn is my absolute favourite, so this post was just perfect & just the inspiration I was looking for! I’ve only just stumbled across your blog but the first blog post I read I loved so I’m definitely following you – your style & ideas are flawless☺️ xxx

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