Oversized Clothes trend

Have you always wanted to master the cute oversized trend with out looking like a hobo? This post will show you how!

This trend has most dubitably become famous by tumblr. This is a strictly casual look mostly used for lounging around watch netflixs and sleepovers.

The key thing is to only have one item oversized, with the exception of a scarf.

Here’s the key to a fashionable casual.

Over sized top

Wearing jumper/jacket and paired with shorts or leggings. Topped with a messy bun. This look is either indoors or outdoors fall/autum.


Over sized pants

Wearing oversized baggy sweatpants with a basic tee or crop top/sports bra. Topped with a messy bun.

Over sized dresses 

Typically a top in an XXL and paired with large sunglasses, heels and a bag. This odd look is worn with confidence and adds and slight element of sophisticated-ness. This look however gets topped with either flawless hair or I just woke up hair and mostly no in between. This is my personal favourite I love this look and 100% believe that Zendaya slays this look.


I originally wrote this post of the teen magazine called ‘teennewsworldwide’ and they have unfortunately stopped posting, See you next Tuesday. Make sure to check the links below : )
Blog: Myah Rebecca.
Instagram: @MyahRebecca
Twitter: @MyahRebecca
(Photos taken from online, collages are my own)


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