How to get that Robert Pattinson`s wild hairstyle By Victoria Howell

World’s obsession with vampires has already past, but Robert Pattinson still stays in trend. His haircut became something desired and followed. And it is obvious why! Women go crazy when see Rob, maybe it is all about his hair? Or natural charisma? Anyway, let`s try to style our hair like him and check this statement.438px-Robert_Pattinson_2012

Robert Pattinson: rosy-cheeked and floppy-haired, pale and delicate, with feminine features, no matter how he looks, girls love him. Grown women love him. My grandmother loves him! Because he turned to be a real men. Here are a few clues of his grooming routine. Read and remember.

You need to have nice raw materials, of course, if you’re going to pull off a messy ‘do. But a few products and styling tools can help you on your way:

#1 Dry shampoo

If you want your hair to look kind of dirty, stylish-dirty, like Rob`s one, use dry shampoo. It is one of the greatest styling secrets. Dry shampoo absorbs oil and dirt and restores volume, but don`t make your hair look silky and sleek. Nope, that’s not our style.

#2 Gel

Using gel gives you the shape, control, and volume you need. Apply a small amount on your wet hair, and part it as you like. But don’t overdo it, or you will look like Sub-zero’s victim.

#3 A hair dryer

Do yourself a favor and buy some good hair dryer. It will shrink your preparation time significantly and reduce damage to your roots and ends. Here is one little trick for you: Flip your head upside-down and blow it out for natural volume.  Pay attention that you need a little length to your hair for this, or else it will stick straight up.

Now you can be sure that this hairstyle is cool and worth stealing this autumn. Use our tips and look undeniably solid and pretty, like Robert Pattinson. But please, try to be slightly less aloof.

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