Ashish Hair Of Dreams

Ashish has won the new generation award three times and is a frequent show at LFW since 2005 recently celebrated 10 years. The designer Ashish Gupta was born in Delhi and studied fine art in India. 
My favourite thing about Ashish this year has been the hair!! I’m a complete sucker for anything that shines twinkles and sparkles that’s why I died when Beyoncé stepped out on the red carpet in 2010 Grammys! 

The hair tinsel at Ashish’s SS15 show was bold striking and not at all Beyoncé subtle, the colours in the hair had competition with the colours with the outfit but it was all pulled together fantastically, one of the models is the fabulous Winnie Harlow, who posted the following picture onto her Instagram.  She really works the make up and hair making me reconsider going full out on the hair tinsel and adding the makeup to match.  

Some more pictures from the SS15 show

 These were taken from @Ashish_uk tagged photos on Instagram.   
If your anything like me and totally loving the hair you’ll want to keep scrolling to take a look at Ashish’s SS16. The models look to have glitter and sequens sprouting out from their roots. Whist totally kicking it on skate boards. This show is one I wish I attended. 


I’d love to make a Ashish hair inspired tutorial and selection of photos to follow on from this blog post. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!! 
I don’t own any of these photos, mostly taken from Instagram on the tagged page for Ashish.  


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