iconI was asked to be a tester of this app around June 2015 I’ll be honest I was really surprised and flattered to have been asked, here’s my blog post in relation to the app.

The app is a free social network for the beauty conscious, where users can share FOTD/MOTDs, pointers, tutorials, product reviews and connect with like-minded beauty aficionados. The perfect social hub for makeup artists, beauty bloggers and beauty hobbyists alike.

Features I love:

  • You can search by the product and see what other people have used it for.
  • Tag products as easily as tagging people on Instagram
  • You can add more than one picture to a look, which is perfect for open eyes closed eyes and from the side. Its like a mini photo shoot but for your face.
  • You can search by look, so when I want a going out look or ideas for prom I can find them all on the app with tagged products.

I like the app however I did at first find things rather tricky to post but once I got the hang of it, it was really easy and user friendly. I’d love for there to be a feature where you can link to your blog and other social medias and maybe a private messaging. The more looks you post the better your profile becomes for obvious reasons, but that wasn’t good for me as when I was asked to try it out I only had a few posts and I felt it didn’t look good or professional.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is the app just another excuse to feel bad about the way you look in the selfies you take? -maybe but is it a platform where you can share your creations with like minded people. Plus when you have a face of make up and you take a picture you often feel 10x more confident, 10x more prettier. The only problem I think you’ll come across is if you have too many good photos to choose from, but GUEBÄIE thought of it all as you can post more than one picture!

My main worry when it came to thins app was what on earth would people think, would they be nice, for would they poke fun at the way I looked? (You can see my self esteem is clearly really high) As with any other social media platform it leaves a lot of space for bullying but its never happened to me and I’m sure it wont happen to you.

I’m on the app, make sure to check my looks out you can find me at ‘myahrebecca’

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