Holiday Travel Essentials


You are just a few days away from your amazing holiday and all that fun but then you suddenly realize half of your things aren’t packed and you may end up forgetting to bring all of your essential items…woah, major anxiety attack!

To avoid all that stress, we’ve put together a packing and pre-travelling guide that will definitely put an end to your packing nightmare. Here are our favorite “must haves”:

Nowhere without toiletries

Toiletries (of all kinds) are a must have of every traveler’s bag! No matter how long your trip is, don’t forget to bring your toothbrush, mouthwash and floss. While every city/town/village has a store you can purchase these at, if you are going on a cruise, or somewhere exotic like a desert, a mountaintop or a deserted village, you’ll definitely regret not packing them!


Wet-wipes are a blessing! Nope, they aren’t for babies only; with their different smells, usually ph neutral and healthy for the skin, these will save you the unpleasant smells during traveling, serve as a quick way to take the makeup off, or simply freshen up after a long day.

Your makeup kit and first aid kit are musts, also!

Smart combinations of clothes

All of you gorgeous fashionistas out there need to realize one thing – it’s impossible to bring all of your wardrobe to your holiday, especially ‘cos winter stuff are bulky and hard to pack. Once you understand you’ll have to make a selection and pick just some of your stuff, you are good to go. This is our suggestion:


  • Pick out items you know you look good at
  • Choose things that are inter-combinable, that is that you can mutually combine with one another, each time with a surprising result
  • Bring warm clothes; no matter how fashionable you want to be, you need to stay warm
  • Snap of a photo for each of the outfits you’ve put together and keep them in your phone so when you get to your holiday, you have a reminder of the combinations you’ve made
  • This winter, fashion statement pieces are knitted oversized jumpers, ponchos, huge scarves (sometimes can act as a poncho), hats with a wide rim and knee and/or thigh boots, so combine smart.

Money, camera, phone

Since you are already going on a holiday, you don’t want to spend it with no documented memories. Sure, no photograph can compensate for the actual experience, but memories fade and you want to be able to look at your photos and reminiscent about the wonderful time you’ve had. So, take that camera and start snapping!


Also, don’t go on holiday without your phone. No matter how much you crave the peace and quiet, you need your phone with you, at least for safety reasons. God forbid something happens, you must have your phone with you to call help. That said, bring the charger, too!

Never leave for holiday without some cash and your cards. We’d always suggest relying on our fave trippeo travel expense app which is a fantastic way to track your money, manage your expenses, find the nearest ATM when you are in a foreign country, follow plane ticket changes, etc. Also, make sure you convert some cash to the currency of the country you are visiting, as they may not be operating on your country’s currency.


Passport and visa are your way in

Needless to say you won’t be able to enter a country without a visa and a renewed passport! Some countries, such as Australia and Thailand won’t let tourists cross the border if the passport expires 6 months upon the arrival. So, make sure you’ve got your documents in check and always have a copy of them with you, in a separate container to the original one.

Now that you’ve got your holiday travel essentials, it’s safe to say you are ready to go!



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