Moda Minx Dress Review

I recently ordered a dress from moda minx it took a little longer than normal to arrive but that was due to the extremely high demand for this dress and if you look at the pictures you can see why. This dress is stunning. It looks perfect paired with high boots I got mine from schuh. Due to the high neck I thought it was best to have my hair in a pony tail, to accentuate the shape of the dress and define the neck.

The dress gets loads of questions like is it bodycon, the answer is no but it’s got a close fit. The zip is at the back and the studs are stuck on so they can easily fall off however mine hasn’t yet and I have worn it out to a party. The studs stay on well even in the stretched areas of the dress like the bust area. To limit the amount of times you have to wash these I recommend using the fashion pads for under arm sweating that way once you’ve worn it if it isn’t dirty you can pull the pads of and its clean to wear again!

When I posted this on my personal Instagram literally every comment was about the dress as moda minx isn’t one of the main stream websites you can be more than sure to be the only one at the party wearing the dress. I wasn’t too sure to buy the dress as i had never heard about mood minx before. But i am more than sure to buy from there again.


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