Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal in 2016 | Amy Mia Goldsmith

celebmucoll.jpgWe often wonder how celebrities manage to look so good all the time. There is more to it than just expensive clothes. Here is a list of beauty secrets that you should use in 2016 to feel and look like a celebrity.

Beauty Secret No. 1: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate


Tyra Banks admits that ever since she started taking in more water, her skin flourished. That is because dry skin shows the signs of aging sooner than moisturized skin. Water makes the skin plumper and softens the fine lines around your eyes and mouth. The skin is also softer to the touch, and glowing. Besides drinking plenty of water, make your  healthy New Year’s resolutions: start eating more fruits and veggies, and other water-abundant foods. Apply hydrating serums and moisturizer to enhance the effect. It will take time to see the real results, and until you get there use highlighters on your cheekbones to get the same glowing look.

Beauty Secret No. 2: Invest in Eye Cream


Genetics, stress, and lack of sleep cause the first signs of aging to appear around your eyes. You might already be using some anti-aging products, but a good eye cream is never a waste of money. The skin around your eyes is thin and very delicate, and more prone to wrinkling. It has some very specific needs and thus requires specific care. Kate Winslet is known for her perfect skin and her advice is precisely an eye cream that you can rely on while on the road, or when you are tired and sleep deprived.

Beauty Secret No. 3: Perfect complexion


Makeup can cover up most imperfections on our faces, but nothing can cover up poorly cared for and malnourished skin. And nothing looks more beautiful than  perfect complexion that does not need to be hidden under layers of concealers. Just like our bodies require a balanced diet to remain healthy, our skin also needs foods rich in antioxidants, and nutritious ingredients to stay youthful. Once you have established the right eating routine, you will need a gentle alcohol-free face cleanser to remove impurities without dehydrating your skin. It is recommended to cleanse the face twice a day, and exfoliate at least once, preferably with an AHA- or BHA-based exfoliant. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley use and recommend organic beauty products like 100 percent pure and these  beauty products can be found online.

Beauty Secret No. 4: Layer your finishes


There is a natural order to most things in life, and makeup application is no exception. The Kardashian sisters’ makeup artist states that makeup show be built up in light layers to look more natural and last longer. Following this order to put together a perfect look: 1. primer or moisturizer (but not both); 2. foundation; 3. concealer (only on blemishes and dark circles; 4. powder, 5: eyes or lips (it does not really matter which one you will do first, but when doing the eyes do the shadow, then the liner, and then the mascara, and make sure to apply lip balm before lipstick); 6. cheeks. Of course, you will not always use all of these products. Simply skip the ones you want, but make sure not to mix up the order.

Beauty Secret No. 5: Perfect Contouring


Use a matte powder or self-tanner that is two shades darker than your complexion and shade the areas of your face that you want to reshape, and then highlight those areas that you want to accentuate with a lighter concealer or highlighter. Find out which  contouring plan matches your face shape.

Are you ready to share your beauty secrets with us?

About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and  Twitter.


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