What are your packing Necessities?

Round about now everyone starts getting bored of waking up and finding Penguins in your home because it’s so cold. The battle between staying in bed in the warmth and leaving the duvet to face the cold day has never been more real. So half of us have either booked the summer holiday and start counting down the days  or the other half have started to look for the summer holidays.

So just imagine how I feel after being abruptly being woken up from my beautiful slumped of golden beaches and the warm sun on my back tickling my my skin and the sea shore gently kissuing my feet as the tide rolls in to my cold bedroom in a city where apparently the sun and warmth doesn’t exist, to then sit at my desk in school and worry about my future as I have to find universities and courses I want to take.

The perfect cure is a vacation to escape the winter blues, or if you like me current life situation blues so I’m putting together a list of vacation essentials that I prob ably can’t do without when traveling. One of Home Away most popular destinations this time of year is the Florida Panhandle with sunny locations like St. George Island, where you are more than sure to see some beautiful lighthouses, and the well known Panama City Beach.

I’d love to go to the Bahamas, drink coconuts on the beach and get fanned with palm tree leaves and eat fresh fruit. That seems like paradise to me.

I’ve always always always got to pack a pair on sunglasses, headphones so when I listen to music I can play it as loud as I want and no one can tell me to turn it down ahah. My phone which is an obvious one, got to snapchat the view, make sure to get an insta worthy picture and keep up to date with everything. Got to have sun cream to keep protected from the sun otherwise I would probably burn like hells fury and a sunburned face is never a look that’s insta worthy. Hand held fans are the best when your in a hot country and need to cool down without leaving your sun bed to go into the sea, yes I’m that lazy the sea will probably be about 30 steps away from the sun bed but if you can’t be lazy on holiday when can you be?

What’s your top five packing necessities, make sure to leave your list and ideal place to travel to in the comment section below!




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