5 Chic Ways to Display Fashion and Accessories in Your Home


If you find yourself torn apart between fashion and interior design and wish to expand this knowledge from yourself to a broader spectrum, then this is just the thing for you. There is no reason why your living space should not become your next fashion project. So check out these 5 stylish ways to bring your home back to life using your own fashion accessories:

Jewellery as an Art Display

What is a woman without her jewellery? Well now, your precious embellishments can be used as fabulous art displays so they would serve their purpose even when you are not wearing them. Choose your favourite pieces, your pearl necklaces, golden earrings and shiny bracelets and put them on display. They can be framed and hung up on the wall or even strategically placed in trays all over the house so they would give out that special luxurious vibe to your home.



Hang Your Scarves

Being a fashion enthusiast you probably have a box full of colourful scarves with different textures and patterns. One of the latest trends today is framing those scarves and putting them up on your walls as art. So forget about pricey artwork and renaissance paintings and create your own little museum of abstract arts using the most peculiar patterns you can find. This can also be a great opportunity to introduce a vintage vibe to the place, just like the beautiful Jessica Alba did in her home.

Use Dress Forms

We all love playing dress up, right? So why not use your powers to create something extraordinary for your home? One amazing trick that could truly bring your home to life is putting up a few dress forms around the house and dressing them up in the latest fashion. This is a great idea as you can experiment with different colours, textures and garments, change them whenever you wish and most importantly – match them to the room surroundings.



Show Those Heels

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. And there is nothing that we like more than to show off our precious shoes. It is simply not fair for them to be placed in a dark closet gathering up dust. So here’s an idea: Pick out a few glass displays, choose a couple of your favourite pair’s of heels and place them on some focal points in your house. Not only is it simple and practical but your home can look like a fashion museum in just a few easy steps.

fashion 3


Open Up Your Closet

Okay, so we all love to show off our favourite pieces, so who not simply show your whole closet? Do not close off your wardrobe and hide your garments from the world, rather crack those doors wide open and show the world all the colourful garments you so preciously hide. This can also be a good opportunity to de-clutter your wardrobe, and for all the excessive or unwanted clothing and other pieces just call rubbish removal like one in Sydney so you could remove anything you do not need anymore.

Being a true fashionista is not just a hobby, it is more of a lifestyle. It is about finding new ways to accessorise, experiment and bring that creativity to its peak. And what is a better way then to start from your own home?


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