Ooharr Face Masks


Ooharr has a large range of beauty products that are effective, full of goodness natural and super easy to use. I was lucky enough to be sent three to try; I was sent deep sea cooler, Rosie glow and star glow. This week I reviewed The Deep Sea Cooler. Next week I will review Rosie glow and the week after that I will review star glow. 

Deep Sea Cooler

The deep sea cooler smelt really minty had a light green colour too it I immediately felt the ‘cooler’ part of the title. It froze my skin -in a beauty enhancing nice way of course. As when you apply the face masks you’re meant to rub it into your skin then leave to sit for 10-20mins before washing it off the little bits in the face mask doubled up as a way to exfoliate. My skin definitely felt refreshed and tight. 10 out of 10! I would recommend it however you’ve got to brave a little bit of the cold temperature. 

Make sure to follow Ooharr on their social media and check out their website to purchase your own products, and make sure to let me know what you think! 





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