Few Tips That Should Help Your Smile Appear Brighter

We all know the power of the first impression, but nobody is really sure what exactly makes one. Firm handshake? Strong eye contact? Without any doubt, but although these elements are very important, let us not forget about the one we use to sell both of them, and that would be a stunning smile. Yes, smiling is contagious and the relaxed bright smile will make even the tensest situation more comfortable and pleasant. All we have to do now is to see how we can make that smile appear even brighter.

image 12Pick the Right Lipstick

The color of your lipstick can easily make or break the way your smile will appear. If you, for example, choose the orange tones, orange lip color can reflect as yellow on your teeth and that is the thing you should most definitely avoid. Same goes for the rest of the brown-ish color palette. What you should do instead is to counteract the potential brown tones in your teeth with some bolder choice like light pink or, even better, dark berries.

Contour the Lip Curves

Beautiful smile is always made even more beautiful with full lips, and it should not be forgotten that the fuller your lips are, the stronger the effect you were trying to achieve with the dark lipstick will be. So, if your lips are not as full as you would like, you can always do yourself a favor and accentuate the shape of your mouth. Combined with a berry-toned lipstick, lip liner will put even stronger emphasis on the brightness of your teeth.

image 1Coat Your Teeth in Petroleum Jelly

Applying jelly on your teeth to make them look brighter may seem very strange, but keep this in mind, jelly is a very shiny substance and once you apply it, it will lend that property to your teeth as well. Also, the jelly will form protective layer on the teeth and prevent further coffee and lipstick stains. In the end, this is a trick used by professional photographers so you really have nothing to lose if you try it out.

Use the Bronzer

Another trick that works on the same logic like the one with dark berries lipstick, just in this case, you will use the bronzer (for the best possible effect, go for the softest veil of taupe-toned bronze) instead. Also, you can try to apply a foundation of bronzer under your cheekbone and further down to the bridge of your nose to contour the shape of your face and put stronger emphasis on your mouth.

Use the Clear Braces

Some people look at braces as a charming accessory, others as a necessary evil. If you belong to the latter group you will be glad to know that wearing braces does not have to be as painful as it seems, and that stainless steel will not steal attention from your teeth anymore. Just opt for some clear braces, like for example Invisalign, and you will easily cheat your way out of this situation.

image 3

Eat More Veggies and Fruits

Yes, it will take some time, but this is the only way to keep your teeth bright and healthy in the long run. Given the fact that, in this case, one of the most beneficial fruits you can eat are strawberries (they contain a lot of vitamin C that cleans away the plaque), it is safe to assume that this obligation will not be all to unpleasant. As for the rest, it should not be a bad idea to give a chance to onion, apples, carrots, broccoli, oranges, and pears, too.

If you use these few tips, your smile should be nothing short of fabulous, and every new encounter you make will be that much more pleasant. All you have to do now is to keep your teeth healthy, make them appear even brighter and smile whenever you can.

image credit: creativecommons.org


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