How to Properly Organize Your Make Up and Beauty Products

Even if you do not have a lot of makeup and beauty products in your bathroom, they can look messy and disorganized. Not to mention what happens if you have enormous amounts of these products. To prevent any mess and clutter, lost brushes and lipsticks, you need to get organized and clever. Here are some of the most cunning ways to tame your beauty products.

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Vases and Pots

Do you have empty glass vases and plant pots that you do not want to throw away? If yes, and you do not know what to with them, turn them into a brush holder. Fill your vase or a decorative pot with some colorful stones or coffee beans and “plant” all of your brushes inside. Never lose the brushes again and have a new decorative peace on your vanity.

Old Plastic Bottles

Do not throw out old plastic bottles. Give them a new purpose; especially to those cute little colorful ones. Just cut the top, heat up the edges with your iron so they will not be sharp, and voila! New storage is born. Here you can neatly organize your brushes, glosses, lipsticks, and whatever else needs storage space.


Wine Racks

Numerous hair spray bottles and body lotions can really take up all the valuable space. To solve this space issue, all you need is a desired metal wine rack. You can decorate it a bit and simply stack all the bottles of oils, lotions and hair sprays.

Spacious Glass-top Vanity

By giving your vanity a new glass top, and filling the drawers and compartments underneath it with your beauty products and makeup, everything will be neatly stored and visible. This way you can easily choose what you need and always have your makeup accessible. Also, do not forget to provide good lighting for your new vanity. Search for some quality lighting and transform this glass beauty in your perfect beauty corner.

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Drawers with Dividers

Probably the best way to organize makeup is dividing it according to shapes and sizes. If you like the surface of your makeup vanity clean and tidy, then you should move all the products into the drawers. To take the organization to the next level, build in dividers into the drawers. This way, everything will have its place, and you will not waste time fumbling through the drawer looking for the right shade or pencil.

Mason Jars

These fancy looking jars are good for almost anything. Gather several mason jars, mount them on the wall in your bathroom, and have a perfect place for your brushes, pencils, eyeliner and other beauty products neatly organized. Not only this storage looks good and creative, but it makes thing easily accessible. Additionally, you can always decorate the jars and make a great addition to your bathroom.


Ice Trays

Instead of leaving the unused ice trays to freeze and go to waste, give them a new purpose by using them as eye shadows holders. You just have to clean them up, and organize your eye shadow singles according to colors into the slots and there you have it. You can even paint the tray into various colors and blend it in with the rest of the décor.

Hooks in the Cabinets

If you are tired of all the hairdryers, hair straightners and other hot tools just lying around the vanity, find them a new home. If your cabinet allows it, hang up a few hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors, and just hang your tools.

Organizing the makeup and all those beauty products has never been easier. All you need is a bit of imagination and motivation and your bathroom and makeup station will always look as perfect as you are.


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