Colour Your World: Best Lipstick Trends in 2016

Choosing the right lipstick tone can be quite overwhelming at certain times, as who can possibly follow all the latest fashion and makeup trends? But fear no more ladies, as we took it upon ourselves to search the world of famous makeup artists so we could comprise a list of the hottest lipstick trends for the following year. So let’s check it out:

image 15Orange Is the New Black

The tasty combination of the fiery red and luscious orange results in the mesmerizing shade of blood orange, which is one of the top lipstick colours for this year. This juicy shade makes the perfect choice for those spring and summer holiday seasons and is definitely one of those colours that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Go Matte

The bold trend of matte lipstick is the best choice for those fierce ladies that are not afraid to show the chic side of their personalities. Not everyone can pull off this trend, but if you fall into the category of the lucky few who can, you will be the main attraction at the venue. Just remember to carefully prep your lips before applying matte lipstick, as you want to avoid flaky and cracked lips.

image 12

Bright Lights – Big City

Great news for all the ladies that are looking to pop this summer, as 2016 proposes a new bright trend. Vivid and bright shades of orange, pink, yellow and even some tones of soft purple and blue are the next best thing this year. If you are not craving attention than this option is definitely not for you, but if you are looking to catch a few looks, then these bright shades are like made for those summer cocktail parties.

image 2


For the ladies that are searching for a subtler way to express their feminine sides, you will be pleased to hear that this year is all about soft and mesmerizing coral shades. The variety of different coral lipstick tones are bright enough to keep you interesting but also keep that gentle and feminine side you are looking to preserve. The best thing about these coral shades is that they are durable and can be worn throughout the day and their tones and suitable for any occasion.

image 7Pink Is In

2016 will soon be remembered as the year of the girls, as the latest lipstick trends are focused quite a bit on reinventing those pink shades. From mesmerizing bright pink, through the subtle beauty of the corals up to the gorgeous skin-tones pink shades, this year is all about the feminine touch. The variety of pink shades makes it possible to become a real-life barbie girl throughout the day and a glamorous diva during those night hours.

Red Is the Rose

Certainly we mustn’t forget to mention the ever-lasting lipstick trend that is never going out of style. Red is still the absolute winner when it comes to choosing the perfect look whether for day or night. Of course, there are certain rules that need to be followed in order to pull off this bold tone. Firstly, you will want to keep all other makeup quite subtle. Other than this, remember to smooth your lips and use lip liner and a highlighter. For ultimate results, a bright smile is a must-have, so do not hesitate to undergo a teeth whitening treatment, recommends a professional Chatswood dentist.

image 1

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world” – surely all ladies can agree with this statement. And this year, 2016 has prepared quite a bit in the beauty department! So the next time you go searching for beauty products, consider some of the best shades for the following year.



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