5 Homemade Scar Removal Recipes

There are many effective ways a doctor can go for in the attempt to treat your scars. Your doctor can recommend laser treatments, use different creams and lotions or even suggest a surgical intervention. It all depends on the type of your scar, the type of your skin, the way your body heals and many other factors. However, if you want to do something on your own, try and use some homemade recipes for your scars.

Chemical Peels 1The Excellent Lemon and Olive Oil Mixture

Lemon does a lot for your skin. It will provide your skin with vitamin C that will improve its elasticity. Also, lemon will bleach the scar tissue and make it less visible. You can dilute lemon in water or rose water. However, it is abrasive, so it can hurt sensitive skin. So, mix lemon skin with olive oil that also has amazing healing effects. Leave it for fifteen minutes and rinse it. If you do not have lemon at home, apply only olive oil to the scar and leave it overnight.

The Magnificent and Healing Honey

There is not much you have to do if you want to use honey to treat your scars. You just need to apply it on the scar, dress the scar and leave it overnight. Honey prevents the dead cells to pile up, it also provides the skin with necessary moisture and regenerates it. In that way, your skin will not be dry. This is great, because dry skin is more prone to scarring.

image 3The Effective Fenugreek Recipes

There are two effective ways to use fenugreek leaves for your scars. One is to crush them and turn them into a paste that you will later apply to the scars. Another way is to boil the seeds, cool them down and then turn them into a paste. In both cases, the paste needs to dry off before you rinse it. Another name for this plant is methi. Fenugreek is a known cure for many problems.

The Amazing and Delicious Coconut Oil

Packed with vitamin E, coconut oil is an excellent solution for any skin problem. It provides skin with antioxidants that further prevent scars tissue from forming. All you need to do is to warm the coconut oil enough for it to turn into liquid. Then you should massage it into the area that needs the treatment for at least ten minutes. Leave the oil there until the skin absorbs it. It is best that you repeat this procedure at least two times a day, but it would be perfect if you could do it four times.

image 9The Wonderful Aloe Vera

When you scrape the surface of an Aloe Vera leaf, you will find the gel like substance in the middle. Rub that substance on the scar and massage it for a half an hour. After that, rinse it off and repeat this twice a day. Aloe has excellent remedial effects on the skin. It improves the texture, provides moisture and fights off bacteria and inflammation. There are a lot of people who grow Aloe Vera in Australia. So, it will not be hard to find it there. If this does not help, you should ask for advice from a doctor. Cosmetic surgery in Sydney is a very well developed branch of medicine, so they will definitely have a solution to your scar problem.

Microdermabrasion 2

These are just some of the ways you can keep your scars from forming, soften them, reduce them or at least bleach them using all natural ingredients. Rose water, shea butter, almonds, lavender, potato and even cucumbers will have excellent effects on your skin if you use them properly. However, you need to be careful with applying these remedies, because they should not be applied to the open wound. It is important that you have good timing and apply them before the scar starts forming, but after the skin forms on the wound.





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