Tips for Looking Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day

One of the happiest days in a woman’s life, and the perfect opportunity to shine, is without a doubt her wedding day. Everything must be amazing, starting from the venue, the flowers, the cake, to the gown and her overall look. While wedding preparations take months to make, you will have to start preparing your skin, hair and make-up at least two weeks before the big day. Various tips will ensure you look radiant, confident, and fabulous on this special day.

bridal-photography3The Preparations

It’s never too early to start planning what type of hairstyle and make-up you want to wear for your wedding. You will get the best results if you start three to four weeks before the big day. In case you are hiring a make-up artist, make sure you have a couple of tryouts to see which make-up suits you best. Go for the light shades of eye shadow, pink blush and red lips, so that you could look as natural and glowing as possible. Remember to wear a waterproof mascara, because naturally, there will be tears of joy at some point during the wedding, and you do not want to be smudged afterwards.

bridal-prep-1When it comes to hair, avoid changing its colour before the wedding, opt for subtler changes. If it needs trimming, do it at least two weeks prior to the wedding, so that the hair remains fresh and natural. As far as the make-up is concerned, try a few of the hairstyles and depending on the dress, choose the combination that best suits the entire look.

Flawless Skin

Make-up will only look beautiful on a healthy nurtured skin. If you do not treat it properly, no make-up techniques in the world would be able to compensate for the lack of care. This is why it is essential you always moisturize, exfoliate and cleanse the skin. The night before the wedding is the crucial time for your skin, which is why you must relive it of all the products, exfoliate with a scrub, and apply only a moisturizing night cream to keep it fresh for the next day. Additionally, avoid any food that will cause redness, pimples or any changes on the skin.

bride-preparing-for-her-kentucky-weddingPearly White

A special attention should be paid to teeth, considering you will be smiling a lot on your wedding day. If you have problems with whiteness, start going to the dentist for whitening treatments. Additionally, use toothpaste with extra whitening effects, and floss and rinse regularly. However, avoid any invasive treatments prior to the wedding.

Double check everything

Stress is inevitable when you plan for such a big event as wedding, but you can avoid any additional problems by checking twice if everything is going according to the plan. Try out the wedding gown to make sure it fits perfectly. Make sure you have all the flattering parts accentuated and the less flattering covered, for the ultimate bridal look. Check to see if the wedding cards have been delivered to everyone, at least three weeks before the wedding, so that you can fix the damage on time. All the catering, the flowers, the venue and the music arrangements should also be double-checked, so that you do not end up without a band, or with the wrong flower arrangements.


Once all of the preparations have been made, it is time for you to enjoy the big day. Follow the previous suggestions in order to look perfect for the most special day of your life. Take care of both your health and your physical appearance in order to achieve the gorgeous bridal look everyone will admire.





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