Interesting and unique front door decoration ideas

The entryway into your home is the first thing other people notice about it. As such, it is largely responsible for creating the first impression. Therefore, putting a bit more effort in the look of your front door is something that is not only fun, but also useful in providing a completely new feel and warmth for your home.

image 1Bold colors

If you don’t want to do any kind of bigger work on your front door, painting it in a bold color is a great way to spice things up without much effort. You can look at the color wheel and choose some complementary colors in regard to the wall paint, or you can simply pick samples of your favorite colors and place them on the walls so that you can see for yourself how they match the overall look and choose one that looks the best. Those who still want something more interesting can hand paint the vines or other intricate details on the door edges.

House number

Adding a number plate of your house on the front door is a really interesting trick especially if you involve some creativity in the process. For example, you can add a small chalkboard and write the number. This also leaves room for other interesting chalk writings and drawings. Also, you can frame your plate number. The frame can alter the door appearance completely, depending on its style. You can choose simple minimalistic ones, wooden shabby chic frames or detailed vintage metal frames. Of course, apart from number plate, you can hang anything you want, such as flower wreaths or pots.

image 2Glass mosaic

Many people love the look of glass doors but are too concerned for the house safety to actually install them. This issue can be easily solved with a fake glass door or glass mosaic that you can make yourself and attach it to the door. There are many online tutorials on how to make a glass mosaic and it’s fairly simple to do so. You only need a panel for support such as Styrofoam or harder cardboard, a lot of pieces of colored glass and some glue to tie it all together. When you’re done you just need to place the plate on the front door.

Decoupage technique

This might be really out there when it comes to front door decorations, but you don’t have to decoupage your whole front door. You could if you want to though. Still, most people would much prefer simple details which they can use to easily decorate the door. Simply cut your desired images from whatever thin material you have (napkins, magazines, comic books, etc.) and apply it to the door with the help of decoupage glue. Decoupage coating glue will keep the designs safe from the rain and snow.

image 3

Interesting door knobs

Apart from altering the look of your front door, you can also do something fun with your door knobs to complete the project. While there are many interesting shapes of door knobs to be found you can also paint them in a striking contrast shade that would really stand out against the door color. Of course, security should always be your primary concern so don’t choose and replace your locks and knobs on your own but seek the help from professional locksmith service in Chatswood area so that you are sure that everything is safe and properly done.

Before you start working on your front door project, make sure to get an idea of what exactly would go well with the rest of the house and even front yard so that the door matches the general appearance and style of your house. Front door that has a completely different style from the rest of the house can have a negative effect and look too tacky.



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