The Best Guide to Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

No season has passed by without a staple of clothing we become obsessed with. However, when the fashion is good and you can’t really put a finger on your favorite trend, there’s nothing else you can do, but fall in love with all of the pieces simultaneously (well, as long as you don’t pair up pieces that are a total mismatch, you are good to go).

This season, we were caught by surprise when a range of slip ons, ruffles, vivid colors, ombre effects, stripes, mirrors, chokers, ‘90s vibes, leather, fur coats (faux), and other brilliant pieces walked the runway. All we’ve seen was a real treat for all the senses!

We’re singling out our favorite pieces (even though it was so damn hard to choose) as suggestions for you to shine in this gorgeous season:

denim-jacket-bodycon-dress-slip-on-sneakers-crossbody-bag-sunglasses-original-11737Enjoy the slip on dress

It’s easy, it’s chic, it’s slinkier than ever – and it’s everything a modern girl should be wearing. Trimmed with lace or done in satin, chiffon and other fine knits (sometimes even see-through), a slip on is meant for a girl who knows her sass and isn’t afraid to show it. The lead concept is underwear as outwear, so expect to look pretty sexy, okay?

A range of vivid color

Rainbow clashes work into a single look with ombre effects on top sound like the ultimate trash and kitsch, but when you look at the concept and the end result separately – what you’re getting are jaw-dropping pieces you’ll want to have in your closet this second!

Ruffles for joy

We never knew ruffles were going to have a comeback, but apparently – they did, and a big one! Ruffles are becoming a key detail trend and both quantity and quality are important here. Wear your ruffles as a base or in accents – either way, you can’t go wrong!

Graphic stripes for sass

At least some kind of super stripe was shown by the majority of designers, with some of them even experimenting with chopped, curled and scattered lines. This season, the stripe is oh so right.


Mirror me, please

An all-time spring/summer favorite is yet again grabbing attention but the high shine fabrics are now cooler and more experimental than ever before. Future-perfect or ornamental, all the mirror pieces are simply fabulous.

main.original.640x0cThe 90s vibe

Who knew! We all thought that we’ve left the 90s trashy vibe behind, never to have it return. However, it apparently has and it’s looking more chic than ever, which is no surprise, really. You’ve noticed so far how all the designer fashion is moving to an absolutely stylish and chic direction so it’s understandable that even the biggest kitsch can be turned into a staple piece.

The models on the runway were all picture-perfect images of that ‘90s Kate Moss vibe, and there was nothing about it we didn’t love. Pairing up sporty street pieces with leather high fashion jackets, or relying on tracksuits for chic may seem unimaginable but when done right – it’s a velour number. We really never thought we’d see the day.

Choker comeback

Even though a big part of the ‘90s fashion, a choker has managed to become a fashion on its own. Embraced and popularized by hip and chic young celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and other trendsetters, the choker has become that one accessory that immediately turns a dull/simple outfit into a show-stopper. Chokers are mostly worn in black, but they do have variants in other colors, too. The preferred materials are velvet and lace.


We hope your spring style will get an amazing spin the moment you adopt any of these new trends. Enjoy!



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