What Your T-Shirt Style Says About You


You probably never thought about how your preferred choice in T-shirts can convey a message about your own personality. In all honesty, everyone has one style that they always go for, and you can check this out for yourself when you find yourself in the next shopping spree or by simply looking at your wardrobe. Of course, it is obvious that several styles will always be mixed and combined, but in following text we’ll deal with some explicit examples that showcase one’s individuality as well as personal touch in the outfit of choice.


Simple single color shirts

Those who reach for plain and simple T-shirts in black, white, nudes or soft colors in general, are said to be practical and value comfort above all else. This choice of basic T-shirts is a really smart investment since they can easily be combined with other garments, and are also really easy to incorporate in both daily casual and evening outfits.


Bright colors and interesting patterns

People who love wearing bright striking colored shirts which are often mixed with some crazy patterns are generally laid-back and don’t care about what other people may say. Someone who loves striking colors for their tops often goes for the same bold colors for their other garments as well. This is a sign of a strong and confident personality with clearly defined tastes and opinions.


Animal print

Not many people enjoy wearing animal print T-shirts but those who do know exactly how to draw attention to themselves and feel confident in their own body. While it’s true that one has to be very careful when combining animal prints, this kind of print can be successfully worn for both day and night occasions. This is a perfect print for anyone who’s not afraid to show off their attractiveness and sensuality.


Ordinary cotton shirt

If you have a favorite brand or band, own a lot of their quality promotional T-shirts and simply love to combine them with jeans , your desire for comfort as well as a certain distinctive feature is something that can describe your personality. Your casual nature while wearing this outfit to the park, store or coffee shop is a sign of tender simplicity but also a strong attitude.


Custom design

Souls who like to wear their creativity as a shield would find a lot of joy in wearing custom design T-shirts. Whatever you think of can be printed on a shirt. Therefore, it has never been easier to show off your creativity and stuff you like. You can get custom design with your own drawings, but also cartoons and meaningful quotes. This kind of a shirt choice can tell a lot about your interesting, unique and creative personality as well as show the power of your independence.

If you managed to recognize one of your shirts hanging in the closet, congratulations, it means that you have built your own style. Do not worry about whether it is good and proper – personal style is something individual, what you carry inside. Regardless of the environment that surrounds you and plays a big role in forming your tastes, it’s more than recommended to learn to express your own personality in order to feel better and more complete. As long as you feel confident in your own skin and clothes, people around you will recognize and respect your strong presence.


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