How to choose your perfect wedding shoes

In the midst of wedding preparations, sometimes it can get really difficult to take the time in order to find a perfect pair of shoes, especially since this task doesn’t seem as important as arranging the theme or picking a wedding dress. Most brides-to-be put this task off until right before the wedding and regret it later. It would be wise to choose your wedding shoes around the same time when you get your dress so that you can break in the shoes and practice walking.

bride-510841_960_720Good match with the dress

Before anything else, you should start your search based solely on appearance so that you can narrow your options down. If your dress isn’t pure white but more of a champagne color, the shoes shouldn’t be white either, and vice versa. It’s always better to go with a bold shoe color than mismatching the shades of white and nudes. Also, you might want shoes with interesting details that would match the ones on the dress or just get plain elegant ones if you find classy and simple style more beautiful.

Think about the theme and location

Continuing with appearance, you have to take the theme of your wedding as well as its location into consideration when looking for great wedding shoes. For example, if your wedding reception is to be held outdoors you most definitely wouldn’t want to trouble yourself with really high and thin heels. Apart from heels, wedding receptions at the beach can turn into a fashionista nightmare if you choose the shoe material that can get dirty really easily. Also, fairy tale and vintage weddings are the usual themes these days so pay attention to the style of shoes that would match the wedding theme as well.


It’s all about comfort

Once you know what kind of shoes you’re looking for in terms of appearance, you can start trying them out in order to find ones that feel really comfortable. This is the most important aspect of wedding shoes. Too many brides chose their shoes based solely on their pretty look and suffered the pain of wearing them during the ceremony. You want to smile and enjoy this important day in your life and not try to endure the pain and sit through every dance. This doesn’t mean that you have to ditch every high-heeled pair of shoes that caught your eye. There are some really well-made high heel shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable.

jimmy-choo-spring-2016-bridal-shoes-05Think practical

The best way to ensure the comfort and good looks of your shoes is to buy them with your own fashion style in mind. Therefore, don’t try to change yourself for the sake of wedding day when it’s all about you. Perfect wedding is a reflection of your own personality and the same goes for bridal shoes as well. That being said, if you’re not used to heels and don’t wear them in your everyday life, it would be wise to skip them for your wedding day, too. On the other hand, if you can’t imagine yourself in a pair of flats, there’s a vast choice of shoes with many different styles and heel heights. As long as you follow your own preferences, you’ll be able to get yourself a perfect pair of wedding shoes that you can easily wear after the wedding with some of your regular outfits.


Once you make your final choice and buy the shoes, make sure to wear them at home so that you can break them in and adjust them to your feet and way of walking. That way, you’ll have enough time to test them out and make any changes you might need to, before your big day.



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