2016 Shoe Trends

A good outfit is only complete when we match a perfect pair of shoes with it. You could wear the most elegant and fashionable clothes, but if the footwear does not complement the entire outfit, it will look plain and unflattering. 2016 brought a range of fabulous new trends as well as a few from the previous decades that were perfectly adjusted to the 21st century. Check out the trendiest shoes of the season and pick some of them for your favourite ensemble.

Siren shoes 2Pointy Shoes

The trend that was so popular in the late 90s and early 2000s made its comeback in the 2016. Designers decided to make the shoes more chic than before, so this model is going to have some rounding off in a few places. Boots, pumps, ankle boots and even sequined shoes – pointed toes are definitely taking over. Ankle boots are getting pointy toes and rounded heels. Alongside ankle straps, this footwear is going to be one of the most popular this fall.

Buckle Up

The ultimate 2016 footwear trend definitely goes to buckles. We can see large buckles on open-toe shoes, ankle boots and even high boots. Oversized golden buckle makes the amazing addition to the intriguing over-the-ankle boots that Burberry designed for the upcoming season. Mid-calf boots with pointy toes and a big buckle create the superb piece of footwear women will love.

8b2rhv-l-610x610-shoes-sandals-knee+high-lace-tie-string-gladiator-bohemianBuckled Straps

The trend that’s been around for some time, and that everybody loves, is definitely gladiator sandals. With multiple straps, no heel, and minimum material, gladiator sandals are the best footwear on hot summer days. Following this trend, and leaning onto the one from the 40s, strappy heels with the chic new design made the list of the trendy footwear of 2016. Multiple buckled straps make the gorgeous addition to pumps that can be a perfect choice for a dinner date. Moreover, clickable buckle can be a great alternative for the traditional buckles, so invest in a good pair of mid-calf height partial boots with clickable buckle for the ultimate 2016 look.

Square Heels

One of the favourite 2016 trends is footwear with square heels. There is absolutely no other footwear that will provide you with an utmost comfort and style, at the same time. It is by far the most enjoyable heel to walk in, and it also looks amazing.  What is more, everything – ranging from sandals to boots – has this adorable square heel which every woman adores.


Open Toes

From flat sandals to high heel boots, open toes footwear is in the pick of its glory. For the sake of fashion, a true fashionista will put up with a bit of chill during the fall, and rock a pair of fabulous suede open toe ankle boots. A gorgeous siren shoes collection features simple, but elegant black, taupe, and sand suede footwear both with open and closed toes, so make sure you check it out and buy some of these trendy models.

Suede Shoes

From vests, through jackets, hats, bags and all the way to boots, suede is another blast from the past that has taken over the runways. Gorgeous camel, beige and everlasting black all look amazing when it comes to suede footwear. Whether you opt for an elegant open toe with a thin heel, or a casual mid heel ankle boot in camel shade, you cannot go wrong with suede. Additionally, summer wedges look fabulous in suede as well, whether they are navy, beige, or neon colours.

Western boots 3

Whether we are talking about sandals, boots or flats, this year’s footwear is nothing if not versatile.  With numerous trends from the previous decades, designers have still managed to create a unique set of footwear that will fit everyone’s needs.



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