Making Your Home Feel Expensive on a Budget

If you are into luxury, we get it – there are many of us out there. However, not everyone can afford luxury; and, even if everyone could, chances are that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with it, financially. Luckily, there are some cheap and easy ways to make your home look more expensive, whether you’re trying to pitch your home for sales, or simply want it to look expensive and luxurious.



When it comes to wall and ceiling paint, there are certain appropriate colors and shades that play well with the general feeling of luxury. Moreover, paint is an inexpensive addition to your house that will make it look sophisticated. Opt for a neutral color palette, using colors such as beige and white. The best part here is the fact that if you don’t like the color you’ve selected, you can easily repaint with bright base colors.

Don’t Clutter

Even if you put a bunch of expensive items into your rooms, this won’t make for a luxurious look. Less is always more when it comes to the expensive look – instead of cluttering your walls with a bunch of pictures, think about opting for a single, small, round mirror. A lot of furniture may look comfy, but if there isn’t enough breathing space, not only will your home or room be less functional, but you will never experience that luxurious look that you get with a clutter-free room.


Of course, spacious rooms always tend to bring out that expensive feel to a home. Unfortunately, not too many people can brag about the fact that they own a home with a bunch of spacious rooms. Unless your budget is large enough to buy a huge house, you will have to try and tweak what you already have. Open floor plans, for example, are a brilliant, innovative idea to incorporate, in order to make your home feel more sophisticated. These type of home remodels incorporate tearing down the walls between the kitchen, dining room and living room, making your living space appear and feel more open. Keep in mind, though, that separating the rooms still needs to take place – do this by choosing different shades of the same color for your walls and ceiling and by carefully picking the different type of furniture and carpets for every “room”. There is a big range of quality carpets available at Beyond Bright, for example.

Pro tip: mirrors are ideal for making a space look bigger – cover at least some segments of your walls with mirrors and you will get that luxurious look.


If you are looking for a rustic, old look, then look elsewhere – here, we’re dealing with ways to come up with a luxurious, expensive look. Instead of choosing a huge traditional chandelier, get some quality LED lights – although these are a bit more expensive than your regular lighting, they tend to pay off in the long run, seeing as how they spend less energy and last much longer than the classic lightbulb. Dimmer lights are also a great way of bringing out the feel of luxury in your rooms, so invest a bit – these are quite useful for creating an atmosphere and more than tweakable.

If you still aren’t convinced, when it comes to LED lighting, perhaps the fact that these lights are more environmentally-friendly will convince you to opt for them.


Hardly anyone likes to see a rustic old door. These are not only less functional and tend to creek, but also ebb away the general feel of value and tend to stick out from the rest of your home. Glass sliding doors are an excellent fit for your open floor plan, seeing as how, even though you might want that feeling of openness, you’ll probably need a bit of privacy – which is impossible to achieve if your home isn’t all-that large. Make sure to get a quality, modern front door, not only for safety, but also in the goal of bringing out that luxurious feel right at your doorstep.

Making a home appear expensive on a budget is the modern way of modelling homes. This is easy to achieve and only experts will be able to tell that you bought your furniture at IKEA (not to say that their items are bad, only that they are cheap). Start decorating and remodelling now, for that luxurious, expensive look!



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