How to get more privacy in your backyard

People who live in temperate climates tend to consider their yard an extension of their home where they can lounge and eat as a part of everyday life. As for people who live in colder areas, moving to their yards after a long winter is like going to a real vacation. Still, no matter where you live, you don’t want all of your neighbors and people who pass by to be able to see you relaxing in your yard. Luckily, there are some things you can do in order to make your yard more private. Here are some of them.

image 6Privacy Plantings

Property-line plantings can sometimes be real life savers. Good thing about them is that they’re going to provide you with a year-long screening and that there are no restrictions limiting their height. In tight spaces, like side yards, columnar evergreens such as arborvitae or Italian cypress can be perfect for separating adjoining yards and blocking sight into your yard. If you decide to plant some privacy plantings, make sure you create a trench that is more than 2 feet wide and more than 2 feet deep. You should water your privacy plantings plentifully and frequently during the first year.

image 7Fences

Newly installed pools and playgrounds will require some fast solutions when it comes to privacy. In this situation, there’s no better choice than a standard fence. Installing a 2m solid-board fence is one of the quickest ways to add year-round screening to your yard. Not only that, but it’s also a great solution for tight spaces, since fences like this have relatively small footprints. If you decide to install a standard fence, make sure you check out the local rules regarding fence heights as well as any other restrictions. Board fences come in many different styles and colors, which means you’ll surely be able to find something that will match your house.

image 8Masonry Walls

Similarly to fences, masonry walls can do wonders for your yard. A masonry wall made out of stone or stucco that is more than 6 feet high is simply a great choice. Still, they may look a bit less oppressive when there are windows cut into it. Such openings can always be decorated by ornamental ironwork. If you want to save some money while decorating your yard, you can check out garage sales for any old ironwork that can be incorporated into your masonry walls. When it comes to color, it’s up to you to choose a color that will go great with the rest of your home.

image 9Panels and Shade Sails

Any small outdoor areas such as patios, outdoor kitchens and private decks are much easier to screen that the entire yard. So, if you want one of these parts of your yard completely screened, it’s a great idea to install some panels and shade sails. Panels will prevent the rest of your neighborhood from taking a look at these parts of your yard while shade sails will prevent people from neighboring buildings from looking in at your yard from above. Not only that, but shade sails will also protect you from the sun. If you like spending time outside during the rainy days, you can always get waterproof shade sails.

Container Gardens

If your yard isn’t too big, you can also screen it with a container garden. Even though these might be difficult to look after, they will make your yard look fabulous. You can use it to screen some small areas of your yard as well. Ideally, pots should be raised on casters which can be moved easily when it’s time to make some repairs or throw a party. Of course, make sure you pick some pots that will fit with the rest of your home. There are some great classy pots you can check out. When it comes to plants, you can always combine showy annuals with some ornamental grasses.

image 10

All of these things are great solutions if you’re looking to prevent others from taking a look into your yard. If there’s still a lot of noise that makes it difficult for you to relax, consider installing a small fountain to mask it.




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