How to Grow a Perfect Green Garden on a Budget

The ‘green’ in ‘green gardening’ isn’t about the plants’ color, it is about designating those which are environmentally conscious. The trend of green gardening has been growing over the course of the past decade and many eco-friendly techniques have been adopted by gardeners throughout the world. Green gardening, much like every other ‘green’ movement, has our planet’s health in mind, so growing a green garden is extremely beneficial to the environment. We have outlined some green gardening ideas for you.

main_pondGo Chemical-Free

Many gardeners consider growing a chemical-free garden a fool’s errand and a backward way of thinking. However, growing strong, healthy plants, without utilizing substances that are poisonous to the environment, is not only possible, but is growing into a trend.

The best way to tackle chemical-free gardening is taking matters into your own hands – literally. A real gardener isn’t squeamish about getting their hands dirty – if this is the case, then consider the whole gardening idea; if you don’t want to use your own hands for gardening, well, then it might not be for you.

Using your own hands, however, isn’t the end of the story. Try as you might, you won’t be able to grow a chemical-free garden without strong plants. Growing strong plants starts in the soil – if you stuff it with organic matter and compost early in your garden’s life, chances are that your plants will grow strong and, therefore, healthy. Strong plants are better than pesticide and, furthermore, with strong plants you are likely to keep the good insects alive!


Choosing the right seeds and seedlings is extremely important – going with the expensive ones will provide an easier way of growing your garden. However, many of the expensive seeds and seedlings are treated with neonicotinoids, which kill bees – some of your greatest gardening allies!

Buying seeds and seedlings from a nursery you trust is a much better (and greener) choice. As JNS skip bins experts advise, give pollinated or heirloom seeds a go.

Choose Tools Wisely

Going with energy efficient tools is of utmost importance, when it comes to green gardening. No matter how much you’ve struggled to keep your garden green, this will all be in vein, unless you use eco-friendly tools. Think electric lawn mower, instead of ones powered by gas. Electric tools are, as a rule of thumb, green gardening’s greatest allies.

Hand driven tools, however, are a different story. Even though electric tools are quite green, they still spend energy – using hand-driven tools is the way to go. In addition to paying a tribute to the environment, the whole experience of using hand-driven tools is more rewarding.

Think Compatible Plants

Commonly known as companion planting, finding certain plants that work well with each other is a great way to grow a strong, green garden.

You can find a useful list of companion plants here, to get you going. By growing compatible plants, you reduce the risks of pests and diseases in a completely natural way. To top it off, your vegetables grown in this way will taste sweeter and you’ll get more wiggle room to grow more plants in this way.



Gardening can be done without spending a lot of money, while staying completely green. You can save up a whole bunch if you choose to reuse items from your home and yard.

Use worn out clothes for cleaning and piles of swept leaves for composting. Old newspapers can be used as biodegradable pots.

Growing and maintaining an eco-friendly garden can be quite a rewarding experience. You do not have to set aside huge parts of your budget, but it will require some dedication and effort. In the very beginning, it might take up more of your time, than with a non-eco-friendly garden, but in the long run, your strong plants will borderline learn how to fend for themselves, if you will.


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