Top 2016 tattoo trends

Tattooing has been practiced for thousands of years. While the first traces of tattoos were found on mummies, millenniums later we have the chance to come across tattooed people every day. Both men and women, teenagers and adults, choose to have their body or a certain part of their body marked with at least one tattoo. Trends vary from year to year, but it is certain that tattoos will not go out of style any time soon.

image 16Upcoming Tattoo Trends

In the previous years, microscopic tattoo designs were the leading trend in the world of body inking. Various celebrities opted for precisely this tattoo design to express their beliefs or emotions. Since this trend is taking over the world, it will definitely be widespread in the years to come, as well as in the 2016. A certain inscription or an image is the choice of many people when it comes to the tattoo design. Therefore, minimalistic tattoos are an excellent choice, especially if they cannot stand the pain of tattooing. Small tattoos don’t take too much time as opposed to larger ones. Dates, initials, a single sentence quote or a small flower can all be considered minimalistic tattoos.

Single line tattoos

Single line tattoo is a tattoo trend that is closely connected to microscopic tattoos. Indeed, we can say it is a subtype of minimalistic tattoos. The tattoos made of one continuous line became widespread. As it has the same charm as the minimalistic trend, single line tattoo aims to be a dominant tattoo trend in 2016.

image 19Hyper-vibrant tattoos

2015 was both the year of vibrant colour designs and black-and-grey tattoos. Hyper-vibrant tattoos often appear as tremendously real, making the image look alive, when the artist creates it accurately. Even though colourful tattoos might look too showy to some people, they actually tend to be highly elegant, just as black-and-grey do, and are still going to be popular in 2016.

Cubism tattoos

It’s quite a surprise to see the painting style created by Pablo Picasso transferring from painting canvas to the human body. Another trend that will rule the 2016 – Cubism – was flawlessly adapted by tattoo artists in order to produce the fascinating artwork on the skin of many cubism fans. Artists usually use the blocks of colour in order to shape the astonishing imageries of flowers and animals.

image 20Mixed style tattoos

Whenever two different styles blend, the magic is produced. The same goes for mixing the classic techniques of traditional tattooing with photo-realistic ones. By creating mixed style, the artist is given the opportunity to entirely express themselves while respecting the wishes of a customer. Considering that the modern times call for extravagant and eccentric designs, this style will, without a question, be trending in the 2016.

Optical illusion tattoos

Tattoos that play tricks on your mind are the most interesting ones. Optical illusion tattoos remarkably trick the eye into thinking that the image on the body is moving, or that it has three-dimensional depth. When you look at a tattoo and you have the feeling as if the image is emerging out of the skin, that is when you know a true professional and a rare artist had the opportunity to turn an image into a magical design.

The use of shapes, patterns, realism, fonts, and movement to create an expressive modern art twist to tattoos is what characterizes trash polka tattoo style. This style only uses red and black ink and is expressed as a collage on the skin.

image 19

Tattoos are definitely taking over the world, and everyone is equally delighted by the trends that the new age is bringing to them. The artists are, by far, more imaginative than ever, and we can only hope for even more incredible designs.


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