Experts suggest: Best of Interior Design for 2017

Interior design and home décor are not only associated with pure necessity but are considered a form of art and personal expression as well. There’s no limit to what one’s creativity can achieve when the look of one’s home is concerned, but if you want to keep up with trends, check out some of the interior design hits that are going to be all the rage in 2017.

Industrial vibe

Various metal finishes, grungy details and repurposed items are definitely getting more and more popular and they’ll be the key factor of one of the most popular interior design trends for the following year, too. So far, people enjoyed having different accessories that reminded them of the so called industrial look, but the trend is only going to spread on the rest of the furniture as well as the way people organize their home layout to be more reminiscent of the grunge period.

image-6Zen paradise

On the completely different note from the previous one, organizing and decorating your home according to yin yang and zen teachings reminiscent of traditional Japanese homes is also going to find its way to the top of the list among interior design trends of 2017. This involves a lot of natural or natural-looking materials. Bamboo, wood, rice paper and a lot of greenery are main aspects of this style, but those on a budget can also get the look with adequate wallpaper and few effective Feng Shui pieces and general rules.

The new old

Ornamental décor that is part of traditions and customs of certain cultures is another one of rising interior design trends. This means incorporating the ornaments, patterns and accessories of a certain culture into the décor. In order to avoid gaudiness, it would be best to stick with one culture per se. Asian, Indian, Egyptian, Latin and similar cultures that have rich history and ornamental value in modern world are definitely some of the most popular among interior designers as well as people who like a bit of an old-fashioned, traditional and nostalgic theme in their homes.

image-4Retro minimalism

So far, both retro and minimalist styles were treated as completely separate trends in interior design, but experts predict their joint qualities to become one of the main trends next year. This mix of two seemingly different styles involves taking the best of both worlds – decorating and organizing your home in minimalist style with retro bits and pieces. This can be implemented in almost all aspects of one’s home, from décor accessories and furniture choice to lighting solutions.

Indoor nature and the outdoors

Most people think of vertical gardens and living green walls as well as a lot of natural lighting when someone mentions getting the nature into the interior design. While this is true, the year of 2017 also incorporates the general feel and look of the outdoors in the interior design. Apart from greenery, this look can also be achieved with decorative concrete inside one’s home instead of the usual paint and wallpaper, outdoor furniture fabric and other materials that are generally used for exterior décor.

Whatever you decide to do when it comes to the interior décor of your home, make sure to go with something that you truly like and enjoy. Refrain from falling into the certain trend just because it’s popular if it’s not something that you feel perfectly represents your lifestyle and individuality. For some major works and more complex renovations, ask for professional help and services that are knowledgeable in the specific style and construction that you desire. That way, you can positively get the best solution for your own ideas when it comes to the interior design.



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