Hi everyone!

My name is Myah Rebecca and I’m an 16 year old girl, my birthday is the 10th November. Rebecca is my middle name however it was being strongly considered as to whether or not it should be my first name. My love for creating art fashion and beauty and helping others feel beautiful led me to share what little I know; and express it through blogging. I began blogging on March 14th to share reviews, tutorials and thoughts, and I’m still very new but I don’t plan on stopping, this is way to much fun. Honestly I’m only just getting started, I have so many ideas that are new, fresh and beautiful; I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Thank you so much for reading!  -Myah Rebecca

Why I blog

I blog to share explore and to have my own little corner of the internet. I love fashion and all things beauty. This blog is a platform for me to expand my knowledge, test the waters and my potential. My main goals for this blog by the end of this year (2015) is to have over 1,000 people reading my blog or just enjoying what I have to offer.  I’m always trying to get my self out there with promotion after new social media base after working for different company’s and promotion. It’s a long road but I’m dressed for it.

About This Blog

I post on here every Tuesday around 12pm because thats my favourite time of the day as it normally means lunch. However i occasionally post on Fridays, if when i’m working with other bloggers and brands and they cannot fit Tuesday then i change to Friday. So far (as in 30/Oct/15 this blog is one year old). It doest have a huge following or lots of money being pumped in or out of it but its my own humble little blog.


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